Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Reading out loud to each other

I'm part of a sensory awareness community that meets via conference call twice a month.  At first, I couldn't imagine how it would work but it works very well.

Today, before meeting,  we each chose words to share, words that have meaning to us, and relate to sensing and integrating our inner and outer world, which isn't to suggest there is a separation between each of us, since we know our meetings, meanderings, and determinations merge.

I loved what people read today.  I loved listening to the words, and absorbing them, and even now, they reverberate through me.   Because of that, I suggest we invite other people to read out loud to us and we'll read to them too.  We read to children, but how often do we read to each other?  It's lovely to be read to, to sit and listen to the words of another, as they are shared.  Plus,  I discovered that as I read my poem, first once, and then, again, it had a different meaning for me each time.  My perception of the poem expanded out to include more of the outside world.  

Recently I've been gathering poems that I think I would like to have read to me when I am older and lying near transition.  Today gives me impetus to ask people to read to me now, to read what they choose as important for me to receive, and I want to read to others too.  There are many ways to share.  This is one.   

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