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This is the time of year when many choose a word to guide and inspire the new year.

I am choosing "receptivity".

I've been reading the short stories of Anton Chekhov.  In one, a woman speaks of how she's always talking because it's too much trouble to listen and respond to another.  I wonder if I do that, if sometimes nervousness is my guide, or unease, rather than opening a space to receive.

I am with right speech these days, with how wrong those words are that "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me."   I intend in the new year to be more aware of what I say, and how I listen to others, to how I receive them.  I want to honor the pause, the space between words, and to stretch thought on a line of compassion with space to swing and reflect. 

In the movie Lincoln, Lincoln's words are presented thoughtfully, slowly.  There is thought process and logic.  The movie allows us a comparative look at our times, as we contrast over and over again then with now.  

I opened my calendar for 2013 today.  I chose Michael Green's Celtic Blessings, and the words for January are: "May we receive this light now."  The theme for January is The Cauldron.  

These words open the new year.

Seek the Cauldron in high places and low, and in hidden places as well. Go forth as a hero, for only to the hero is the Cauldron revealed.
Know that the Cauldron is not remote. It is found in this world and in all other worlds, for this is the Cauldron of the two Virtues.
The first Virtue of the Cauldron is its open space, and the power of open space is to receive. And it is this open space that receives the Great Mystery.
The second Virtue of the Cauldron is to give away whatever it receives, and that is the giving of divine inspiration so that none go unsatisfied.
The Cauldron contains an endless supply of sustenance and shall never be emptied. Come to embrace the Cauldron, for, in truth, you are the Cauldron.
Blessed Be.  

The meaning of the Pansy flower is "think of me" or remembrance. That feels right for today.

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