Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

This month -

This month of January seems soft and generous to me, reflective in its range of grays.

Cicero wrote, "If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need."

I look out and around knowing I have everything I need.  I took the ferry to and from SF yesterday.  The 7:50 ferry was full going over, and both quiet and alive.  There is a warmth to the sharing of a ride over the water, a rather uplifting ride as the waves were high, and we rocked up and down.

My son Jeff is doing a training in the city, so his wife Jan and I met before and after our lunch with him.  

I loved our time together, and the chance to meet what we saw and experienced with Beginner's Mind as is so easy to do on vacation, or a shift in routine.  There seemed to be more homeless people than I remember last time I was there, which was Christmas.  Ah, we arrived later in the day.  The "officials" scurry the homeless away before the stores open at ten.  I watched one man pick a paper coffee cup out of the garbage, and gather some sections of newspaper in his hand, and then walk along the embarcadero as though he was on his way to work.  There is no way to camouflage the smell.  That is a giveaway.    

When I see the homeless, many so clearly disturbed, I am reminded of the documentary on Robert Crumb, the cartoonist.  His brother Charles lived on the streets of SF, and even when they had the money to help him, he chose the streets, and eventually committed suicide with a drug overdose.  I read about Charles now.  It seems his art received some notoriety with the film on his brother and their rather unusual family.   

Yesterday, I felt able to receive all yesterday, the contrast of the affluent and the homeless, all making their way on a gray January day.  As I returned to my car after the ferry ride home, I saw the traffic on the north-bound side, traffic heading home, mainly stopped.  It would be lovely if more people could transport by ferry rather than in cars.  For that, we would need more parking for the ferries, which since the freeway often looks like a parking lot of spewing fumes, seems like it would make sense, but then I read many people enjoy the isolation their car provides.  It may be their only time alone.  

I am grateful my new year's resolution of receptivity seems to be changing my view.  I am grateful, grate full.    

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