Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Sanity and Insanity

I saw Robert Hass speak in Pt. Reyes yesterday. He is magnificent, and such a voice of reason and compassion.  It was a fund-raiser for the Pt. Reyes Book Store.  How sad is that.  Money for guns, and pretty soon our book stores will be having bake sales to stay in business.

Yes, I came home and watched the game.  Enough said there, though if you wonder about the DeBartolo family, which you probably don't, this bit of rationalization may set your teeth on edge.

The daughter of Eddie DeBartolo Jr. is demolishing a 5800 square foot home to put a 5700 foot home in its place.  We in Mill Valley are told we will all benefit because the house is so spectacular, but here's the clincher.  She says she and her husband will be reducing their carbon footprint because the house will have a full gym in it, so they won't have to drive to the gym.  What?   Demolishing and building a new custom home doesn't affect their carbon footprint?  MV is the land of gyms and spas.  They will be living one mile from a number of  gyms and It would seem possible that since they want to be in shape that they might walk or bike to the gym,  but that isn't the point, is it?  Ack!

It reminds me of my friend Wendy who ended up on a rafting trip in the Grand Canyon with the Romney family.  This was quite a few years ago, and the "boys" were along.  When Wendy asked Ann Romney how she got in shape for the trip, she spoke of her personal trainer coming to the house to use the gym they had in their house, because after all what house doesn't have a personal gym and who doesn't have a personal trainer.  Since Wendy worked full-time and didn't have a personal gym or personal trainer, it was a little harder to train for the trip.

Anyway, Robert Hass is a great gift.  He read from his new book, What Light Can Do, and he read some poems he's written about the Pt. Reyes area.  It ended in time for the Super Bowl, and there was a party going on next door in the church to watch it.  We can celebrate in a multitude of ways, but I do think each of us might have some sense of the reality around our carbon footprint.  In light of the excesses of her father, I shouldn't be surprised that his daughter can rationalize that demolishing a 5800 square foot house and building a 5700 square foot one in this land of extremely narrow streets is a gift to the earth and her neighbors, but it seems she does.  I shake my head in attempted non-judgment, because remember I set my New Year's resolutions for compassion and receptivity.  :-)

I'm struggling a bit on this one: 


Her husband loves the "diverse" character of MV and says their house will help contribute to that.  I'm trying to understand exactly how, and what diversity we are talking about.  Oh, it must be interesting to consider that there are people who live in homes that may be only 1200 square square feet or even apartments.  Imagine that.   We even have a few people who live in their cars or trucks.  I'm so glad this couple want to add diversity to the area.  I guess lowering the IQ is part of that.  

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