Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Renewal Moon

I'm naming the full moons this year.  Native Americans considered the full moon of February Full Snow Moon or Hunger Moon, but here, where everything is coming into blossom, I am naming it Renewal Moon to go with my January Vision Moon. I worked in the yard today, pruning, fertilizing and savoring, oh, so much savoring.  I pulled out two books, Spiritual Gardening, creating sacred space outdoors, and Japanese Garden Design.

Our deck outside the bedroom is finished, and I'm reflecting on how to integrate the new deck into the landscape.    We have a Japanese garden in the front, and I could just leave the deck bare, glorious in its brilliance, or perhaps choose a few rocks, or plants, or a container for water to represent purification.  For the moment, I am enjoying all the possibilities, and enjoying this beautiful moon, one day from full.
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