Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

peacefully blank -

I realize this poem by Chase Twitchell captures a bit of what my head is wanting right now - so much space there is nothing there.  Though she titles this Death's Portrait, perhaps, it is a place of peace.  We know the fish are there, somewhere in the ocean.  Thoughts are in my mind, too, and, for a moment, I request a blank space.

Death's Portrait  

by Chase Twitchell

I just caught myself in the mirror
with a look like one of my father’s,
a forward-leaning absorption,
greedy, thinking of itself.
I saw him animated in me,
jaw set with glee and slyness,
his future ghost dropping in
to remind me he’ll always
be with me, even when I no longer
know where or who I am.
I rented a boat and went
fishing in the Caribbean.
The guy who took me was
proud of his sonar,
acres of ocean on a little screen.
A black shape might be a big fish,
might be a school of smalls.
We rode around all morning
watching the screen.
There was nothing there.

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