Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

The Conversation -

We baby-boomers are a huge percentage of the population in this country, and we are approaching the age of increasing need for health care.  I think it's time to talk about quality of life, and end of life care, which is why I'm grateful for this article in The Atlantic.


National Geographic has a photo of a beautiful child on their cover this month, with the announcement that she could live to 120 years old.  That sounds lovely, until we think of what it is to care for people as they age, and what is required in keeping them alive.  Is it simply about years?  Perhaps.  The soul is young, and yet, I think we need to be realistic about what needs to be done and begin incorporating talk about death into our lives.  I want quality of life for myself, and for those who come behind me.  I am willing to let go.
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