Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Marigolds and slugs and snails

I thought I remembered that slugs and snails don't like marigolds.  Before I left for the weekend, I planted marigolds among the flowers to protect them from the snails.  I came home to marigold twigs.  I wondered if I remembered wrong, so I checked google.  My memory was right but it seems it is an old wives tale, though those are often true.  Snails love marigolds.  The good news is that they eat the marigolds and not the other plants.  I wondered why I saw them crossing a wide wooden expanse.  They knew there were marigolds on the other side.   I learned though that coffee grounds might do the trick, so tomorrow morning I'll spread my coffee grounds among the flowers.  Coffee grounds will add the proper PH to the soil, and maybe the snails will move on.  Either that, or I'll have caffeinated snails bounding around my yard.
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