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I have attended meetings just like this.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51W2xlIZ95E   (I'm now not able to get sound on this.  Perhaps you can.)

You may think this is exaggerated, but, sadly, it really isn't.    I get daily emails on what is going on as to development in my area, and I used to attend the meetings, but these labels of "elitist", "racist," and "Nimby" are tossed about with no relationship to reality.  There is no way to have a dialogue.  They built "low income" housing next to the freeway.  Supposedly, it was for "seniors", people over 62, who wouldn't drive a car because they are so "old".  Most of us at the meeting were over 62 and had driven there.  The apartments were built, and then, sat empty because they were expensive, walking to public transportation was a challenge, and there was nothing there, no grocery store, no cafe, nothing.  I think they may now be occupied though I never see a living soul when I drive by.

Our local grocery store is gone because the trust that owns the space is greedy.  People protested when OSH, a chain, wanted to go in.  It would have hurt our local nurseries and hardware store.  If you were against it, you were labeled as racist, elitist, and a Nimby.

We need solutions, obviously, but where I live has limited water because the water we use comes from our reservoirs.  When it doesn't rain, we are rationed, rationed heavily.  We could build a de-salinization plant but that is expensive and nobody wants to pay for it, and there are environmental issues with building a plant.

Traffic is nearly grid-locked at times, and yet, where they want to build these complexes is where it is stopped.  In addition, it is a flood plane.  Currently in certain months, you have to pay attention to the tide table to even get in and out.  Now, someone actually sends out an email to warn people on the high tides.  I know we need solutions for elders and young families, but there is a level of insanity in these solutions.  Clearly I'm on a rant.  I went to one meeting where outside consultants from Colorado determined they should blow a tunnel through a hill where I live so more people could get to Muir Woods.  Either that, or run a gondola over the valley.  That gondola would travel over Green Gulch, a Zen Buddhist community and farm that provides organic produce to local restaurants and farmer's markets.  Protestors against that included the rangers at Muir Woods.  The creatures who live in Muir Woods are already traumatized by the number of visitors.  This is a nature area, nature.

The traffic out to Muir Woods, Muir Beach, and Stinson Beach is bumper to bumper most of the way on a sunny weekend in the summer.  When do they decide to pave and close the parking lot at Muir Beach?  In the summer.  It is being re-built for environmental reasons, so I can't argue with that, but I do wonder where the cars are supposed to go.  "Come to Muir Woods", advertisers say.  Last time I was there, there was a line-up of huge busses that had somehow navigated the narrow road.  People pour out of busses, take pictures, and are back on their way.

Part of the problem is there are too many people in the world, or at least too many in certain areas.   I realize I could go on and on, and I need to bustle about instead, but again I offer this.  Your choice as to whether to laugh or cry.  Yes, it may be exaggerated, but not by much.  I've been to the meetings. I know.


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