Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

What does this moment ask

Charlotte Selver used to say, "What does this moment ask of you?"  Today I ask myself, "What does this moment ask of me?"

I had the procedure to remove the skin cancer on Tuesday.  I didn't understand that it meant "resting" for two weeks until the stitches are out, no hiking up and down hills, or swimming, or kicking, which at first didn't seem like a big deal, but now that I feel the limitation of it, I am sobered.  He also said that once begun, this type of cancer has a 50% chance of recurring, so I need to be aware.   Well, of course, where does all this take me?  To the preciousness of life, to the beauty of each moment.  It brings me to tears, tears of joy and appreciation.  I walk by the bay, just walk.  I saw a seal yesterday, egrets, a Great Blue Heron, and I went to the Bay Model.  Periodically I stop in because I love it.  I loved it when my children were little and it was a working model of the bay.  Now, they use computers and it is set up for education.  It gives me hope for the world.  It talks about our watersheds, and how the snow melts in the mountains and flows int our bay and out to the ocean. You can push a button and see the snow melt.  You can interact with a display that shows how we might divide up the water between agriculture, recreation, and drinking water.  It is wonderful, and again gratitude brings me to tears.  Melting.  I feel joy in my melt.  


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