October 31st, 2005

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The Ghosts Are Out, and Goblins too!

Tis evening now, and I have shared a lovely day.

I offer some poems.

I wrote "Gardens" this morning in response to my friend Mole.


Our beautifully serene, no thought, Japanese garden
has a mole
who likes to lift the dirt
through the rocks
and create wondrous
mountainous upside down bowls -
each morning I look out
to see what treat
is rising for me now -
I appreciate that the mole
aerates the soil
and creates a Zen garden
down below
and that when I tamp down
his hole
he must again
rise with a sculpture
of his own -
we co-exist,
the mole and I -
each opening the inner out
to further see
with senses other
than sight -
I imagine he tries to visualize my world -
all that ungated sun,
as I see him in his tunnels
swimming open the earth
so his offspring have a fragrant place
to exhilarate,
play hide-and-seek,
and run.

Jane Flint wrote this poem this morning in honor of Jim.

The Gardener

he moved the lavender to a spot closer to
the sun
placed its roots into a well drained soil
and in the damp place that it left
planted sage and thyme. He moved the blue grass
that had volunteered around the maple
Into the bald spots on the lawn and in its place
planted hakone grass, pushed the root-bound
cylinder of dirt out of its nursery pot
and quartered it, the naked nerve-like tendrils
shy in light and raw. Some roots, some blades
were sacrificed. Even though he worked as quickly as
he could, brought the water to each one,
they looked a little weary. Before he left as night descended
deep he circled round and pressed each plant deeper into
its new found ground, unflinching, tender.

Joyce Snyder wrote this poem today, in honor, I would say, of Herself!

Mars in the sky last night
bringing an orange-red glow
to the southern realm.
A lead up to halloween,
Samhain, the change of seasons.
For me, after a spell of stuckness,
a realization of another layer
of control and ego
that interferes
with the divine flow.
A breath, openness,
a return of good feeling,
a new beginning.

May it be so, today, for us all. Joyce's words again:

"A breath, openness,
a return of good feeling,
a new beginning."

Yes, it is so, for us all!

Joyful haunts for all,