November 17th, 2005

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Morning Lights - Poems for Today!

Somehow my morning free flow gives me the images to propel my day.
I hope that something stirs also in you, or skip these poems  if it is not your way to observe. 

Starting Chemo in Four Days


Entering something new now,

a ship going to sea

baptised with a bottle of champagne

splashed across my bow -

I slide into the water

and float by the dock

awaiting the pulse

of engines to start,

and then I realize,

no, not a ship,

propelled by machine -

I want to row -

My boat is long and narrow,

          a scull.

I lean into

muscles raw and strong,

pulling the oars

back, and swinging forth -

I’m in control of this journey

to slow -

I choose

which way

to meet

the waves,

and how

to pause

 the leap.  



Awaiting Chemo


Chrysalis, one friend says,

cocoon -

I see retreat

as I sit looking

at the mountain

with attempts to heal me

poured or dripped perhaps

through arm to hands

and toes -

I know the risks

and still I reach

for change -

I never thought  

the caterpillar

attached wings without pain.

Even as a child,

I always thought

it was worth it.

With every flight I watch,

my heart skips,

uncoils to sip

the nectar


The butterfly is made for reproduction,

for coloring

and fluttering the sky -


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Thoughts -

Last year, my niece had the teacher from Heaven, Mrs. Mastroni. My brother is in the process of nominating her for the "Teacher of the Year" award. My brother just sent me a CD she made and showed at the end of the school year. It is a video of smiling children, not just smiling, glowing. I could not help contrasting it to Baraka where so many of the children are so serious.
Well, the teacher this year is criticizing Katy for being concise in her writing, precise.
Does this teacher not know how hard E.B. White worked to be just that?
This teacher says, "More is always better." 
Well, this is my poetic response to that. After all, nothing ruffles me anymore. I am the breeze, not the curtains. I live in ease. : )
If you read the weather on the East Coast in the next day or so, you'll know I just floated through, with ease.

Teacher’s Conference


Imagine if your beloved niece
had a teacher who says
“More is always better.”
Isn’t that what is wrong with this country?
More, more, more -

What happened to less is more -
Isn’t that what I teach her
when I ask her to notice her breath
and the fairies who dance
in the moisture
hovering  there

when we play by the stream
and give the fairies a bed
and a place to dive
and a  pearl or two -
we offer
only a little

not too much
just enough
to place on their leaf
by the door -

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California November -

Each one of my rose plants has flowers and buds, and, at the same time, the Camellia blooms.

Five tomatoes are in the process of turning from green to red, and one is speckled like a Fuji Apple.

The jasmine is blooming; the Maples are red, and some leaves have fallen.

Today, all seasons mix like joy in me.

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Now! And Now! And Now!



Today I am Cinderella.  I remember a picture from my childhood Golden Book of Cinderella as she was dressed by mice and birds.  I feel like that, so alive today, so much support pouring through.  My fairy godmother is well, and dressing me in diamonds, silk and pearls.  That is what my energy feels like now.  It swirls.  



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Words from Nisargadata Maharaj!

In seeking you discover
that you are neither body or mind.
And the love of self in you is for the Self in all.

The two are one.

The consciousness in you
and the consciousness in me,
apparently two,
really are one ....
and they seek their unity.

And that is love.

    Nisargadata Maharaj