November 27th, 2005

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Good Morning!

The voices of the birds alight with the sun as it touches the top of the hill.

My head is burning again this morning. I am starting to get used to it, and to see it as a glow.

There is a wonderful article in the New York Times today on Nepal. It is written by John Burdett.

I present  this excerpt from his article, because I feel this experience is teaching me to welcome change, rather than to hold on so tightly to all I have and think I want.

John Burdett:

"Pradeep, whom I meet at the top of the Monkey Temple's long stone staircase, is an economics student. He is prepared to talk about anything except politics. While I'm trying to figure out a way to persuade him to open up, a slapstick comedy unfolds: as a Swiss tourist reaches into her handbag and takes out an apple to eat after the long climb up the stairs, a monkey moving at warp speed grabs the fruit in two tiny hands. The Swiss tourist lets out a little scream of shock, by which time the monkey has retreated to the top of the stupa, where he nonchalantly munches on the apple. "You see," says Pradeep, laughing, "you want me to speculate on the future of my country, which is one of the poorest in the world, while that wealthy Westerner cannot control the future long enough to get an apple from her bag into her mouth. There is no certainty but change.""

I used to fear those words.  Now, I welcome them.  I feel laughter within, bubbling up, and I feel myself as the monkey, Pradeep, John Burdett, the Swiss tourist, and you, and me.   Here we are with another day to play in the earth, fire, water,  and air, of change.

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Morning Thoughts!

Today I share two of my favorite quotes.

Albert Einstein:

"I never came upon any of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking."

Pierre Teilhard De Chardin:

"Someday, after mastering winds, waves, tides, and gravity, we shall harness the energy of love, and for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire."

I believe we are doing this right now, each day, each moment, each breath, in and out.
Live today, feeling your harness and harvest of the energy of love, and delight in letting your right brain loose to play.
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The head weighs 14 pounds, or thereabouts.

Today, mine feels like a giant sunflower perched on top of a slender, swaying reed.

Where is the neck of support?

The seeds are squirming wanting to burst out, like popcorn popping in a pan.

 It is odd to me how such an easy day like yesterday is followed by another like today, and so, I just stay with it, and pause to rest the lids on my eyes, my head on its stem.

How wonderful to lean back in a warm, supportive chair.

We have been walking down to the marsh in the frost of the morning, and each day are greeted by ducks.

I like this poem, that reminds me to keep quacking, no matter how deep or thick the storm.
Ah, now, I am remembering March of the Penguins. Now, those guys have a tough time. My life is a summer breeze, in places other than Tam Valley where the summer shakes the innards and bounces the leaves. I do love it here, though, and give quite the sales pitch for Tam Valley. It is like living in the 50's, in a positive way, and everything is here.


Poem Alert:

Crossing by Mike White

Driving through the greener suburbs, my brain
full of stops, I came across a yellow sign
announcing, pictorially, that just ahead
was a duck crossing.

                   You can't imagine
my sudden happiness, to be reminded
simply of ducks, that ducks are with us,

and what's more, that they might, this very moment,
duckwalk single file across my path, that I
would need to yield, use unusual care.
What else makes a person
turn off the radio and quack the rest of the way home?

May your day be filled with quacking.  There's nothing quite like that!!

Quack!   Quack!!  
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more thoughts -

I actually rarely consider what I am dealing with. I am just moving through each day and what presents. I do paddle my feet like the duck, and I am aware of the changes in tides, and weather, and I am pretty much at peace.

Since though it seems I do have what I prefer not to think about, I am again perusing the book by Lance Armstrong, and considering his words. To him, cancer is "not a form of death," but is " a part of life."

He has also made an acronym from the word. I like it.

Never give up
Remembrance of my fellow patients.

I might say Remembrance of all involved since this is involving so much more than myself.
My oncologist went on vacation after she recommended the chemo to me, and then, worried the whole week that I would not choose to do it. It is like that. There is such a gathering, a community of remembrance. There are all of you. Thank you!! You snuggle in my heart!!

It is winter. My heart is a snuggly place!!