January 8th, 2006

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Happy One Week Into the New Year!!

I wake this morning to the sound of soft rain, and the realization that each of us is a star, our furnace blazing inside, as we radiate magnificent rays of light. What delight!!

I see all our rays connected, and joyfully waving up and down in play!!

I also wake with no nausea today. Yay!!!!!

I am very excited, and joyfully planning all the foods I can eat. Yay!!

Joy to all of you, this glorious January Day!!!

Here is to food and nourishment and particles and waves at play.
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New York Times Editorial -

Here is a paragraph from a New York Times editorial today.

"A secret Defense Department study reveals that more extensive armor, of a kind available since 2003, could have saved the lives of some 80 percent of the marines killed by upper body wounds in Iraq between 2003 and 2005. That amounts to scores of needlessly lost lives - hundreds if Army deaths attributable to inadequate armor are counted as well. The ceramic armor plates in question cost about $260 a set."

Well, there is something to bring the nausea back. What a world in which we live! It truly does boggle the mind, and not in the way of the game.
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up-date -

Well, I continue to see that there are many stages of nausea, so though I woke without the tickling of pain, I still cannot drink coffee, or yet, eat breakfast, so I continue with my savoring of chocolate milk, somehow the saving drink in all of this, along with Ginger Ale. All is so fragile still. Steve and I set out for a walk on this, the most glorious of days, and again, I feel my weakness, so I am home again with Ode Magazine and books and safely tucked, and I surrender to what this day brings me, and what I can, in my limitation, bring to it.
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Ode Magazine!

I recommend that everyone buy the January-February issue of Ode magazine, and then, I won't have to type so much here. I am going to assume you are buying it.

That said, I would like to point out that according to World Watch magazine, the US spent 455.3 billion dollars in 2004 on military expenditures. The US spent 47% of what was spent in the world on military expenses that year. Combined international military expenses totalled $1.04 billion U.S. in 2004. "While millions of people around the world have to make do on less than two dollars a day, governments are spending an average of $162 U.S. per world citizen each day on weapons and soldiers."

Now, that makes no sense, or dollars either.
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on-line -

So, Ode magazine is on-line. I found this article on Robert Muller inspiring.


He is called "the happiest man on earth."

There is also an article on using homeopathy to cure cancer rather than chemo and radiation, which are "so toxic." It is to consider. I will not stop the chemo treatment in the middle, but I am finding myself seriously debating radiation now, as I find myself feeling weaker and weaker, which makes no sense to me. Anyway, no decisions today, just a suggestion for some interesting articles if you care to dig in.