January 27th, 2006

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Let Us Radiate Out!

"What a distressing contrast there is between the radiant intelligence of the child and the feeble mentality of the average adult."

-- Sigmund Freud

Let us continue in the exuberance of the child, and radiate joy and enthusiasm.

Let's be light for ourselves.
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This morning, I gather flowers in body and mind, feeling them as emotions, honored in the meadows, pastures and forests that flourish, blooming, living, and dying, inside. The tides breathe in and out. Fragrance, like a brush, soothes. The breath is floral, babies, violets, roses, and thyme.

When I woke, it was raining, and the stars were out. I could see clouds, lit by stars. Now, clouds blush pink, excited as octopi, at being seen in the playful exchange of inked night for day.


I feel like I’m playing golf this morning;
full swings shoot balls to the stars.
I want my touch,
to wing an exchange,
in one.

Turtle Light

rain tinsels in me
dripping shines,
reflects -
light flashes on and off,
the stars gone,
the neck -
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More museum thoughts -

It seems that others had the same feelings about their first experience of the De Young as I. I think one problem is that a local architect was not chosen. I believe it takes time to feel the landscape which holds the building like a frame. What is happening here is that the starkness of the building points out how beautiful the surroundings. I doubt that was the architect's intent.

I think a local contact would have been tempered by and sensitive to the beauty, fragility and strength of this incredible bay area. We are influenced by where we live. We look at mountains, bay, ocean, waves, and sand. Golden Gate park was built on sand, and beautifully so. It swoops low, unobtrusive, and provides a beautiful, renewing place to go. It does not shout, "I am here." It is restful land, reclusively built on sand.

Also, there are two sculptures I really enjoyed in the sculpture garden. One is a scattering of apples, that tiny children seem to employ, and the other is of three figures in conversation. The plants surrounding the building and even sliding into it at various triangular levels are, also, lovely. I just think it takes time to know a place, to feel it. I think a local architect might have been more sensitive to the complexity of this naturally, artfully scaled land. We live in the world of micro-climates, as plentiful as the micro-brews.

To have Andy Goldsworthy create a "Faultline" at the entry to the new De Young seems to me more a comment on the building than the area in which I choose to live.
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Jane's poem for today!

This morning, after writing, I mentioned to Jane that, early today,  the stars were shining and it was raining. She wanted to re-work her poem which was cut-off this morning by a phone call. Here is her, as usual, completely, heart-felt, and Beautiful Jane-bursting result.

For now, just this.

The stars are out in the rain.

The work of this day has disappeared before its end.

Yes, the bloodshed.

And yes, the time may come to stand fast.

We may step into our death before we die.

Salvation may come in a form that tests our belief.

Remember, the breath is the ineffable.

It fills the spaces between all we think is real.

Whenever the clock stops, forever sits down beside us.

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Another view -

I just had a wonderful lunch with Joyce at Angelino's in Sausalito. It is an opportunity to feel like you are in Italy without getting on a plane. It was our good omen lunch to make sure we eat in Italy sometime soon, hopefully in early October, for me.

Joyce loves the new De Young. She saw it first from UCSF, and loved looking down and across at it, and, then, looking back at UCSF from the De Young. It is true that you do have a great view of UCSF from the museum. She also saw the exhibit under uncrowded conditions, and so had a very different experience than I.

I'm hoping she will write up what she learned about Tilapia for us.

It shows that everyone should go to the museum many times and give a report, and we will have a rainbow of colors beyond what has ever been seen. Great joy and peace to you!!!
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Life as crossword puzzle -

My brother is delighted with his life, and is exploring some of the things he has always wanted to do. He is crossing things off of his "to-do" list.

He sent this to me this morning, and I find it an intriguing way to think of our life, as though it is already set in some way, and we are filling in the pieces of our puzzle.

My brother's words:

"I guess a reasonable analogy is with crossword puzzles. You first quickly and easily fill in all that you know for certain. Then you study it more closely and fill in much more. And then you come down to some areas of the puzzle that really have you confounded but, once you start to get a few more key words, the whole puzzle starts to quickly fill in and snowball almost in reaching its conclusion. That's how I feel about my life right now; like I'm filling in more difficult parts that I'd long wondered about and it feels quite amazing."

He also talks about being in the "the zone." There is also "the flow" as described by Mihaly Csikszentmihali. I am feeling pretty well myself today, and planning to fill in a few squares of my crossword puzzle, the squares teaching patience, calmness, and hope.
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Information from Joyce -

"The Queen Hatshepsut exhibit had several images of the tilapia fish, the perch of the Nile. It was and is an important food source and it holds its eggs in its mouth, incubating and hatching the baby fish from its mouth. For this reason the tilapia symbolizes regeneration and is associated with the Sun God Re."

    Isn't that a wonderful image? A fish holding its eggs in its mouth, until they incubate and hatch.

Joyce heard Angeles Arrien speak about her latest book, The Second Half of Life. She says the years of sixty and over are the Wisdom Years. In Dr. Gene Cohen's book, The Creative Age, he says that Dr Seuss said, "You're only old once." Yes!!  Celebrate the wisdom and freedom of age!!

Spinoza suggested asking these 3 questions every day.

    What made me happy today?

    Where did I find a sense of peace, comfort, solace today?

    What/Who inspired me today?

    Inspiration leads to fire, the fire of creativity. 
    Let's spark and flame, and use the ash to compose the new stage.