February 10th, 2006

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Good News!

I found out I have a Brazilian bikini wax. I am like, so in. Who would have thought? Marvels continue. I am very excited to see what emerges next. : )

A beautiful day of unfolding and emergence to All!!
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Morning flow -

When chemo sends my pubic hair
flowing down the drain,
some grieving comes in,
until I learn that now I have
a Brazilian bikini wax,
without the expense, or pain -
well, maybe a little pain,
but nothing to equal a bikini wax - ouch!!
So, what does this mean, for me?
Bread and Wine -
Milk and Honey -
Bread is the physical realm,
Wine the spiritual.
Milk is life force, chi,
and Honey is soul,
Soul evolving like rich, golden swirls,
made from the gathering of pollen,
and buzzing lives
of bees.



I am all smiles today.
Everything seems funny,
Yesterday I learned that the princess in fairy tales
stands for the soul,
for yearning, longing, a place to fill.
The princess is that cauldron we stir,
and right now, mine is filled
with smiling frogs, toads and newts,
cavorting in a hot tub,
with a jubilant kicking of chorus girl legs
and softened claws -
death may draw us in,
and it does.
It draws us enthusiastically,
like life.
Tapped syrup pours from trees.
Honey drips from hives.
We dive from air to liquid, and back again.


Blessed are the meek.
Meek means pure of soul.
Pure of soul
of soul -
honey caught
in the tangle,
of vines -


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Jane's poem of this morning -

Our words are gone into tomorrow before the sounds have left our lips
Of all the places in the world, here is the most mysterious.
Sometimes I am alone here.
Other times, you, your feet up the steps, the door opening.
When the stars, here is invisible.
In the light, it is everything.
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Checking in -

Today, the power was off for a few hours, and so, that meant no computer, and so, I started to panic, thinking I might have to run down to Starbucks and hook myself up, but, now, it is on, and all is well. It is odd each time it goes off to feel how dependent I am.

I heard the foghorns this afternoon, and now, the fog is pouring over the hills. It really is like summer.
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Quote -

"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens."

-Carl Jung