February 11th, 2006

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Good Morning!!

The word February derives from februare, to purify, to cleanse.  Certainly, where I am looks like a day of purification and cleansing.  The plum trees look like cheerleaders of spring with their pom-poms of blossoms,  and the sun is sliding on the shininess of green leaves.  I feel well today.  I have finally learned that I need to rest, and then, I feel well, so I have been gracefully taking it easy.  Today, my book group meets in the East Bay to discuss Carol Shield's book on Jane Austen.  Well, ostensibly, perhaps to discuss the book, though I'm sure this one we will.  We meet to be together, to share our lives, and to feast. 

My homage to my mother today -

                                Don’t fold and unfold light like clothes -

                                                Juice the sacred within -

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checking in -

Today, I learned that Chris's first grade teacher died. She was adored, and taught first grade for 33 years, and was as devoted to teaching and teaching children to read as a person could be. Tonight I sit with her legacy, the knowing that all of these children who had her as a teacher have a firm foundation in, and love of reading, thanks to her. She could have moved into administration, but stayed with teaching. Good for Lynn Pamplin, who knew exactly what mattered to her, and to those she loved, and who loved, and will always love, her.
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for Lynn Pamplin -

Pearl Buck on Death -

The dragonfly begins as a grub in water. Then at the proper moment it surfaces, finds it has wings and flies away. I suppose that the ones left in the water wonder where he went and why he doesn’t come back. But he can’t because he has wings. Nor can they go to him, because they don’t have their wings yet.
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Poem by Ted Kooser


                   by Ted Kooser

After the funeral, the mourners gather
under the rustling churchyard maples
and talk softly, like clusters of leaves.
White shirt cuffs and collars flash in the shade:
highlights on deep green water.
They came this afternoon to say goodbye,
but now they keep saying hello and hello,
peering into each other's faces,
slow to let go of each other's hands.