April 25th, 2006

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Good Morning!!

I'm in a cheerful, chipper mood today, and am very aware of my breath moving in and out like bird song on a spring day.

Happy spring day to you, even if you are living under a changing array of gray skies, like I.

"What you love is a sign from your higher self of what you are to do."

-Sanaya Roman

May you connect fully with what you love today. Joy and happiness to you!!
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Great News!!

My sister-in-law Jan is A-OK!!!! They didn't even do a test, just looked at it differently, and said all is fine, so we are in celebration mode today. I am so grateful and so happy that she is okay. I don't think I could have taken anything being wrong with her. Maybe I better understand all of you. We want our loved ones healthy, and now, she is. Thank you for prayers. The world is turning brightly for me today.

Also, my radiation oncologist is thrilled with my progress. She says I am the poster person as to radiation energy. She is just amazed.

I, of course, was wanting a bit more energy, but now, she has me feeling pretty spiffy indeed. I have just enough energy for the fullness of this day. What would I do with more?

I am so relieved on Jan being okay. I know we learn from these lessons, but there is a place for a break, and I am there.
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Bush -

It seems that Bush's solution to the high price of gas is to lower the environmental restrictions so the oil companies will be able to get more gas to market! The gas companies have record profits, obscene profits, and the solution is to lower environmental restrictions? Well, of course, because the Republicans are concerned they can't win in November if gasoline is more than $3.00 per gallon, so keep gas prices low, and pollute the environment a little more. It is up to us, the consumer, to say no to this. The price, the environmental price is too high.
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Shapeshifting -

Barbara Spiller writes of her son when he was four. He worked  with crayons and markers and  announced he was drawing a rooster. Then, he turned the paper around, added a few strokes, and said it was a locomotive.

She says, "Similarly, my work as a psychotherapist involves heightening awareness and encouraging openness; looking at what else is possible rather than clinging to what was, or what isn't!  In changing one's relationship to the material, seeing something differently - whether the paint and image of the artist or the historical/experimental stuff of the personality - transformation can occur.  Seeing old material in a new context, letting go of rigid interpretations, allows for fresh meaning and movement, shifting us closer to what might be."

Today I was looking at a bush.  I saw one little bird, then, two, three, four, and more.  The tree was filled with birds that my eyes did not at first see.   Earlier, I saw four quail walking down my street.  Slowly, they slipped into the brush.   I look now at air;  I look between the leaves.  What am I missing?   What can I create?

Here is my poem for today.

the water in the bay moves in and out

while the trees reflect

still in their stance

essence conducts soul -

fish in the dance. 

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Thoughts on "ordinariness" -

It seems that most people have trouble leaving radiation. There seems to be an attachment that develops to all this attention. This is what I am told. I, personally, in this moment, cannot imagine it. I finish my treatment each day and stroll, practically run out the door, with the most delightful feeling of freedom. I am looking forward to being ordinary, and finding as much hidden delight as I possibly can in my ordinariness. Perhaps, that is why I am seeing differently, looking between the leaves. I want my life to bounce with peeps and peeks.