May 25th, 2006

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Good Morning!

It is a beautiful day, and a Rilke day for me.  I have missed most of the meetings this year, but will make the one today, the last one until September.  I am looking forward to it, even as I continue to examine and feel this new space.  The acupuncturist said she would work on digestion, so I could better digest this experience, since I have chosen to do so.  I feel it moving through, and penetrating all my organs.  It is an amazing day to have Rilke and this.  It is a day to feel and bring forth what is within. 
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I believe it was Annie Dillard who wrote, "Living, you stand under a waterfall."   I am with that image  this morning, as I consider the conversation the acupuncturist and I had yesterday on coping strategies.  We each have different ways to cope, some hide, some freeze, some run, some fight.  I tend to be rather stoic, and  I chose to make the best of this, to use it as a practice to stay present.  In that, I was rather still.  I stayed under the waterfall, and chose to perceive the drenching as a light shower.  Now, I move out from under the waterfall, and I am grateful to see blue skies.  

In trying to locate the source of the quote, which I believe is Annie Dillard, I come across this one by Goethe.

    No one experiences and enjoys without becoming productive.
    That is the innermost characteristic of nature.

Experience and enjoy today!

And here is Picasso.   "The painter passes through states of fullness and emptying.  That is the whole secret of art."

Live an artistic day - empty and fill -  fill and empty - enjoy the play.  
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Evening -

I spoke with my friend Terry, whose dog Alice went through radiation.  Alice slept most of the time, even after she was finished.  I think I need more rest.  I seem to feel very tired.

Jenn sent me a CD of Ashes and Snow.  It is wonderfully meditative, healing, renewing, and rejuvenating.  Imagine how tired I would be if I had not savored it today.  I highly recommend it.

The Rilke workshop was wonderful as always.   Richard gave us a tour of his garden, which is filled with native plants, and habitats for birds and butterflies.  It is quite the treat.   I learned that though the Joanna Macy - Anita Barrows translation of the Book of Hours is the best available in this country, it is certainly not perfect, and still, it is well worth getting.  Everyone today was incredibly impressed with it. 

I hope you are tucked into bed.  That is where I will be in about two minutes.  Night, night!!