June 7th, 2006

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My Poems of the morning -

After the Poetry


I breathe in the poetry of last night.
Five women stand before family and friends,
and read what has taken them years
to reveal,
and they look so young,
children at recital,
saplings and seasoned trees.
I sleep, wrapped in their poems,
and this morning I unwrap,
and continue to feed,
on the wisdom of youth,
the observant gods,
living like fairies
on nuts and seeds.  




Knowing When to Stop


I watch the grounding stone of criticism,
even as I tweak
a line so perfect
it stands in flow.  


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Today -

The day is so exquisite, I am almost stunned.  Steve has taken the day off, so though much of my day is already planned, we will go out to breakfast, and for a lovely walk.   Great joy and peace to you all.   Treat yourself kindly.   Don't grind yourself up in criticism and critique, but flow in what you know.   Live heart.
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sailing -

Steve and I went out to breakfast in Sausalito, and then, rode on the motorcycle out to Rodeo Beach.  A 30 foot sailboat came up on the beach last night at 11:30 and is stranded there.  The high tide was at 10 AM today, but no one was there to pull it off the beach.  It is a sad story, and a miraculous one.  Some were saved.  One died.  I request prayers for the young man who died, and for those who survived.  
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checking in -

Another lovely evening, and I am pleasantly tired.  Joyce and I met for lunch at Fish, and visited the Bay Model which I always enjoy.  The current art exhibit, Ebb and Flow, has a display of used bullet cases now filled with silk and potpourri.  We met the artist who spoke of the time involved in creating her statement.  She can fill fifty bullets, if she works all day.  There are over 4000 transformed bullets in her creation. 

I had acupuncture today and again I feel my fatigue.  She continues to assure me I am normal for what I have been through.  It will take at least a year.  How does she know?  She went through it a few years ago, and she is young, and so, it is.

I found this to be exciting news.   I place the first part of the article here.  

Rare California millipede found 80 years after last sighting

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The world's leggiest creature is missing-in-action no more.

A scientist found a rare species of millipede, last seen 80 years ago in central California, and has collected several of the inch-long bugs for study.

This millipede has more than 600 legs, about twice the average millipede - despite the name which means "thousand-legged." Of the estimated 10,000 species, only one, I. plenipes, comes close to living up to its name and thrives only in California

And now to rest my two legs and feet.   Imagine 600 of them.