July 6th, 2006

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 "Life is a great big canvas;  throw as much paint on it as you can!!" -

            Danny Kaye

Steve and I are heading out to Inverness until Sunday.  It is one of my favorite places, and friends are coming up from Palo Alto, and so we will each have our own little space, to explore and be and feed.   I am excited.  It is so odd to feel the joy of this experience.   In all these years, I have not thought of going out there to stay, except for overnights at my friend Wendy's which, I loved, but I love it there, and am thrilled to know I will be awakening to the freshness of all that ocean and bay air, with all that nature right outside the door.  Amazingly, thanks to packing sweaters and jeans, it looks like it may be sunny and warm.  The sun is shining, and the day is bright.  I am taking my computer, and the room has internet access, so I am hoping to be able to check in.

Great love and care to All!!

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Checking in -

Greetings from Heaven, or Inverness, as it is called, here on earth.   I am looking out on a variety of greens, blue sky, and listening to bird songs.  We arrived at 10, so were able to change our room to the absolutely perfect one.   I went for a swim in the unheated pool.  I am told Tomales Bay is warmer than the pool at this point, so it should be an easy dip when I walk over there.

I did the breast stroke in the pool, as  a tribute to the book, "Breast Stroke," the collaboration of Jane and me.  I am SO grateful to be alive.  I have never enjoyed a swim so much in my life.  It is like we have our own little corner of the world here.  I guess we do.  I will look for leprecauns tonight. 

The news in Inverness is that Ken Lay is not dead, and the coffin will be empty, as he goes on with life.  It is an interesting theory, and I am content to be away from politics for a few days, though I do think of Cindy Sheehan with each bite of food I eat.