July 7th, 2006

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Good Morning from Sunny Inverness!!

I love that we see the sun peek up here early in the morning.  It takes awhile at home to lift itself over the hill.  We are savoring this morning.  It is so beautiful here, and the day will be one of relaxation and exploration.  I want to get out to Pierce Point, my mother's place.  I feel she hung out there after her death, and I love to visit her there with the Tule elk, and the views of both ocean and bay at the same time.   I am in my element, Inverness.  Add that to fire, water, earth, and air.   Inverness is a realm of its own. 

Today I am with the image of a rodeo snail.  I feel like that today.  I am whooping it up in my own, small, and jubilant way. 

Happy Jubilance to you, today, and everyday!

I finished the book on Inanna, and the feminine need to descend and ascend.  I am holding both like a bow.  I shoot arrows, like seeds.

Also, Mary Poppins, the book, not the woman,  was in the office when we checked in yesterday, so I read it in the night.  The written version is quite different than the movie version.  The author, P.L. Travers, was not happy with what Disney did to her book.   I enjoy her incredible imagination, though she has this to say about her writing of the book.

"I'm sure now, if the clue to Mary Poppins is to be found anywhere, it is in the world of myth and legend.  I am certain in this particular case it is not a matter of invention.  I think she brushed past me and by good luck I was there to catch the impression and put it down."

May your day be filled with the magic of Mary Poppins, and communication like you knew when you were born.  Talk to the birds today, and the waves in the wind.  
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checking in -

We walked to Shell Beach this morning.  The water was like glass, and not as warm as it has been, so my feet and legs took the dunking, and I bathed the rest in sun and air.  There are exquisite jelly fish in the water, like flowers, and I gathered some rocks on Shell Beach though I know full well the old adage - "Leave only footprints and take only memories."  Perhaps I will return the rocks tomorrow, but I felt they were asking to come home with me for a while.  The color variation is astonishing, and they are sitting on a plate, like a display of chocolates.  I chose them as carefully as I would have truffles, caramels, and nut filled squares. 

We went out to Drake's Beach for lunch, and it was warm and sunny.   We toured Point Reyes Station, and I supported the local book store.  We walked the Earthquake Walk, and now, we are pausing before Bridge and dinner at the Olema Inn.   I'm sinking ever more deeply into the ground. 

There is a wondrous fallen tree at Shell Beach.  I am like that, with branches, reaching to trapeze air,  and land.