August 25th, 2006

Book Cover

Morning -

I have either the stomach flu or food poisoning.  I am very sick this morning, so am moving gently, carefully.

I read the news with nausea in my throat before I begin.  I read the last installment of Jill Carroll, and what it was like for her to be freed after 82 days of captivity.  It is unimaginable, and, yet, she allows us to imagine it, to live a piece of it with her.   Look at what we ingest each day.   It is so much. 

You can read the article in the SF Chronicle or in the Christian Science Monitor.

The sickness came on last night and, most unusual for me, is still here.  My whole intestinal tract feels stalked by strangers.   I am fragile.   I will be glad when all this cleanses.   I give myself permission to rest.  I have been pushing hard.  I wanted to be "well," and do everything I had not been able to do, so I rushed and scurried here and there.   Today, I rest.   I am tired.   It is time to close my eyes, fold my hands, and sleep.   I want to wake in knowing calm, refreshed.