August 30th, 2006

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Checking in -

The sun is out in celebration of the turning of the seasons.  

I feel calm and balanced, and in tackle piles of stuff mode, and I am with something that Elaine said this week.

        Her mantra is that "real life is harder than brain surgery."   

        I have been thinking that "real life is harder than chemo."

I have been curiously dissecting why this might be so, and some of this dissection is on the blog.  My sense is that in urgency, there is presence, and there are no expectations, only response,  and there is great support.  In "real life," we look forward, and back, thinking this way and that, and most of us do place expectations upon ourselves,  and  we are wanting to support others.  I am trying to live now like a teeter-totter, and, in that, I struggle sometimes to find the place of balance.   

Drinking one soda a day can add over 15 pounds a year.  This one small fact is an example of noticing the importance of  the little things that we do. 

The four known fundamental forces of interaction, or ways that particles interact,  are strong, weak, electromagnetic, and gravity.   I believe I am trying to balance the strong and the weak forces in myself right now.  I enjoy playing with strong and weak, and I am trying to see how springy I can be as I respond and react and come back to center again and again.   I want to be soft and tender.  I see how in Pilates when I do it "right," it is easy.   How do I now more firmly feel and use the floor, and the center of my being, my core?    This is my intention for today as I sift through piles of paper and clutter, and begin to see the forest, the trees, the air, and the space between.  

Happy Exploration to All!    The sun is giving us light to see.   Peer and peek within!

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It's one way!

Jan sends me a photo titled,  HOW TO TELL IF A TERRORIST IS AT THE AIRPORT.

It shows a camel lying down in the airport parking lot between the cars.   Pretty cute!   

It works for me.    I like to laugh!
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Angeles Arrien says we each need to develop three kinds of power.

    1. Power of presence – Being really present in each moment

    2. Power of communication – Speaking our truth

    3. Power of position – Being willing to take a stand

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Yes, I see!

"One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again."

Abraham Maslow
1908-1970, Psychologist

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consciousness -

This is from Mary Rose O'Reilley's book, The Love of Impermanent Things.

    "This is what I learned from Brad Mattson:  If you put a sea sponge into a blender, it breaks up, but recombines and reforms - rises again, as it were.  If you put two sponges in the blender, each will recombine only with itself; it won't get mixed up with the other.  The sponge's contribution to evolution is what later went on the marquee at Delphi:  know thyself.  Once the sponge recombines with itself, all the cells will start to communicate with each other to plan their specializations in order to meet the needs of the organism."

Wow!    Can I do as well?   Today, I think like a sponge, happily floating among the coral.