October 7th, 2006

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Good Morning!!

We are up early to enjoy a film on Milarepa through the MV Film Festival.   We will then all meet at Noonan's in Larkspur Landing and celebrate Chris's birthday.  He also wants to go out to Point Reyes to see if we can see any of the giant turtles the size of sports cars, that are floating around.

I feel peaceful this morning, the storm,  both outside and inside,, seems to have passed.   The skies have cleared so the jets will be screeching overhead for Fleet Week.   Usually I see them from here, but I heard nothing yesterday in the gray and the cold.   Today is a better day to fly.   Live lightly,  and soothe.
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Evening -

    We loved Milarepa.  It will be at the Rafael theatre starting October 27, for a week, and is worth making the effort to see.   I was reminded of my trip to Nepal and my month in the mountains of the Everest region.   I remember teeny-tiny monasteries and prayer flags and mani stones, and a day spent watching a flowing stream.    It is a special place, and this movie brought it back to me.  I feel it as part of the continuing integration I seem to be in right now.   I also see that even in a small village, there is inequality, injustice and suffering.  It is for me to come to terms with the political and economic situation that is now.   We have so much compared to most of the world.  I find it confusing some times.  

    Larkspur Landing was having a celebration, so we ended up at Il Fornaio in Corte Madera with a perfect private table.   We were seven and had quite a good time, which continued on here at the house.   Chris is well celebrated and all is well.    I await the rising of the moon.   It takes awhile to crest the hill, but it will be here, I am sure.   The Blue Angels flew right over us in Corte Madera.   Wow!!

    Happy weekend of celebration.   There is a tremendous amount going on.   I've also been contemplating the six short films we saw yesterday and the messages they gave.   There is so much to appreciate.   We live in a wondrous place.