October 10th, 2006

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Evening -

It is a night to open dreams. The fairies are alive and twinkling in the trees like lights. Look within, and see all that shines. Sweet dreams to all of you, and me, too!!
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Good Morning!!

I am off for a full day and into the night, and I am feeling wonderfully fresh. Jane and I are meditating in the morning, and enjoying the pause this week. I love the pause. These words come.

When I pause and feel the hug of the day,
the air filled with wings and seeds,
in that pause, blessings,
four directions, and more, and the ground below
and the sky above. I am a sunflower, turning to follow the light.
I close my eyes and hum my roots to snake.
When I pause, the hum is rim.

May your day expand in ever-increasing warmth and wider rims.