October 12th, 2006

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Columbus Day or Indigenous People Day!

       I rise, gently tanned with memory.   How different this day than last year.  I light a candle, and worship at the table of this morning, at all that is displayed before me for this day. 

      Richness abounds!!    Steve is in NY, so Tiger slept up my shoulder, and Bella by my legs.   They are comfortable, snuggly, warm little friends, and it is cool enough now to appreciate their warmth.

    I am reading another must-read book called Synchronicity, The Inner Path of Leadership.   It is by Joseph Jaworski, and though I've just begun, I see the power in the words and ideas.     Choose to lead.   Ground that in a  state of being, not doing.     Choose to serve.    These ideas are from Robert K. Greenleaf's book, Servant Leadership.   Jaworski takes Greenleaf's ideas further.  He says true leadership comes from the choice to serve life.   Our capacity as a leader comes from our choice to allow life to unfold through us.

    My Love candle is lit and burning marachino cherries.   Today, I live, choosing consciously to allow life to unfold through me.  May leadership evolve toward a collective sharing of destiny, and may the hierarchical idea of leadership dissolve, like wax melting in flame.

    Lead your life today.  Create your future.  Explore.    Lead through service, to yourself, others, the world.    Dance, and Play!!

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Morning -

    My view today is a Japanese landscape painting.  The hills are soft and muted, and pink fog lifts the tops of the hills.

    As Steve and I discuss this anniversary of surgery, he is able to tell me how "scary" this was for him.   That softens something in me.  I feel how important it is to speak of our fear and vulnerabilities when we can, because it opens something in the other.   It is sweet, like maple syrup, tapped and running freely.   I wonder now why the word "sappy" has a negative connotation.   It is sweet to feel we, too, can open and release the sweetness brewed inside by speaking of our wounds and fears.   The opening allows the tap.  

    Jane and I go tomorrow to the Poet's Loft  in Tomales Bay.   We are optimistic on having a weekend to further cohere what we have written.   We will each leave home at 8, and meet at the Station House Cafe at 9.   We then need to hang out fruitfully until 4 when we can check in.    Check it out.   It is quite the place.    Steve and Jim will join us late on Saturday, so we won't be working every minute, but we are hoping for productivity in the moments we do.

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Thoughts on news -

    I have either not had time to keep up with the news or been unable to face it, but today, I did read the various news stories about the killing and wounding of the Amish girls.  I knew it happened, and it was time to read it, and once again, it is a struggle to understand, and yet, I must say I do feel a shift in my being since seeing the movie on Milarepa.  I really encourage its viewing.   The images are with me, as I consider how I take in and handle where and what needs to grieve.   May today be kind to you, and may the Amish families find rest and peace.
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Beauty -

"When I'm working on a problem, I never think about beauty. I think only how to solve the problem. But when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong."

-- Richard Buckminster Fuller

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To deal with suffering -

These words are from Misha Becker in an article in the November Shambhala Sun.

    "Allow yourself to be with whatever is there and know that everything changes.  With every out-breath we die a small death, and with every in-breath, we are reborn.   This is what that means:  Our suffering is not fixed, and with every moment we can choose how to encounter it."

    Not always easy to do, I say, but certainly intention makes it easier each time.
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Evening -

    I just enjoyed a wonderful dinner out with a lovely friend.   Such a treat!!

    We were discussing Shambhala Sun.   I learn there that in 1953,  Congress decided to substitute E Pluribus Unum, which means Out of Many, One, with One Nation Under God.   That is a difference which may be leading to some of our current problems.

    I am re-evaluating the movie The Journals of Knud Rasmussen.   I think the ending was so shocking with the tribe looking like robots repeating words they were told from the Bible, that I walked out feeling sad, and, perhaps appalled.   It is tough to understand sometimes all that goes on, on this planet, and it is time to begin to do so, and step back, even as we stay involved.   I still think Milarepa is the movie to see, and yet, the Journals allow one to be inside an igloo, and a tribe, and that is something I've always wanted to exoerience.   We made snow forts when I was a child, but never an igloo.  It is amazing what we can create.

    Good night, and good rest and good sleep!!