October 13th, 2006

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Morning -

    It is still dark, though in summer, the world would long have been awake.   All are still tucked.

    I had an intense dream this morning of Sally, the member of my book group who died.   She had died also in the dream, and yet she seemed so alive in the images and the meetings with her family members.   They gave me a salt and pepper shaker in her memory, and gave each member of the book group a setting of silverware.  I cried for her in the dream.  I sobbed.   I am realizing how much I miss her.   I am also realizing it is probably the anniversary of her death.  I was traveling in Europe when she died, and it was probably about  three years ago.  When my book group met here a week ago, I was very aware of her absence.   I feel her here now, feel her presence so strongly.   It is odd what life and dreams bring, and when, but somehow this seems like a Sally Day.    My book group used to meet in Inverness at Wendy's.   Perhaps that is part of it too.

    I discovered a  file this week that I had begun when I learned I would have surgery.  It was called, "My Journey to Becoming a Community."   It seems to be so, as I balance more and more awareness of how we all are one, and each one of  you a piece of me.   We all are needed to balance this ball we are.

    A beautiful Friday, and joyful, enlivening, enriching weekend to All!!

    Steve is in the air flying back from New York.  I always feel a bit nervous when someone I love is in the air, even though I know it is safer than driving.   In the movie Milarepa, a person who has studied can travel through time and space.   In a way, flying on a plane seems like that to me.   We step into a vehicle in one city, and step out in another.   What a marvel we are!!  
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Heaven's Float!

Jane and I come to the library in Point Reyes Station as we wait to check into the Poet's Loft at 4.   We hear the children’s story hour as we work.   Little voices repeat exciting phrases.   One little girl is encouraged to keep on her socks.   We are here for three hours.  People cycle through and in this moment, I feel like the still point, and I realize now the still point can observe.


We have a choice, perhaps, a choice of place in the atom, neuron, proton, electron, and we can be all three, and all the space.   I saw a short film where a child arranged adults into the solar system.  One was the sun, and another the moon.   People as planets spun at varying speeds and distances.  When asked, the child said he was the atom, and, yet, in the film, and perhaps in life, he had the power to arrange all the rest.   Observe, and do!


Jane reads the blog for 2005.   She says it is the river bed.   Yes, and now, we choose where to place the rocks and cruise.


Choice.  Is that why this part is hard?   It is ours to choose and form.   Before, all was.  We were.   Now, we make the earth and plant the sun and moon.


Jane and I are checked into the Poet’s Loft.  Oh, my!   It is beyond imagining.  We are currently each sitting on the couch with our computers.   Water gurgles all around us.   We are over the water and so surrounded by water and air, that Mr or Ms Seagull is tapping to come in.  We are in the sky, over the water, watching birds fly alone, in clumps, and V’s.   Actually Jane is working.    I am watching the  water, birds and sky.   The seagull is persistent and sounds like a barking dog.   Ah, now, he, too, looks out to the view, or a view other than us.   Nope, we seem to be quite entertaining to a gull.    He watches us, hopeful, I imagine for a treat, or, maybe he is lonely and looking for  conversation.   He seems to want some social exchange. 


One time, we took off in a helicopter in Long Beach over water.  I was in the water and pregnant with Jeff.   This feels like that.   


A boat goes by.   I wave to see if I, too, am seen.   Yep!!   Two fishermen wave back.  Now, a trimaran motors by.   He is absorbed in getting to port and probably Tony’s fish, wine, and beer.    Okay, to work, even though now, another fishing bow roars by.    It is gray and overcast and perfect for working, and yet, I am so enchanted with the waves and the grays, that I am having trouble focusing, and I will.   Whoa.   Gulls are skimming all over the place.   The Blue Angels can't compete with this.   We are in bliss!!




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Synchronicity -

Jane and I know the title of the book is Breast Stroke, and so we envision our cover as a woman swimming in Tomales Bay.   We have thought of asking my friend Wendy to swim in the Bay and we would take photos of her from a hill, but now, the weather and bay are getting cold, and it is a lot to ask a friend to risk hypothermia for a book cover. 

So, what do we see upon entering our Poet's Loft, which is more than a loft and is a luxurious two bedroom home?    A painting by Mayumi Oda of a woman swimming with one breast exposed, the left breast.   Jane's husband knows Mayumi.   We are thinking we may have found our cover.    We'll see what else unfolds in the symphonic dance of gulls and cloud.
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Healing -

We still can see the movement of the sea and the hills and sky.  All is quiet.  One man rows a boat.  A Cormorant pops up below.

We are re-creating the time of October.   We continue to see that we glossed, and each time we meet, we are able to go a little more deeply into what seems to be hard for us both to re-visit.  

I come across this quote in my notes.

Father Thomas Keating - If one completes the journey to one’s heart, one will find oneself in the heart of everyone else.

May this be so, for you and me!