October 15th, 2006

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Good Morning!

News from the Poet's Loft -

It is quite something to sleep with the constant sound of water playing with rocks. I rise in the dark. I am alone here now. Jane did not return from the party she attended, but went on home, and Steve is home to care for the kittens. I realize the length of darkness here this time of year, as I hesitate to turn on lights. I rise in the dark and sit. My dreams are sweet. I dream that our thoughts do determine what happens, and I think and change in the dream.

All is completely quiet this morning,and varying shades of gray. There is the occasional bird, but, for the most part, I could be the only being on earth. There is only a soft movement of the bay.

I am working this morning, but last night I read Marin Farm Families - Stories and Recipes. I have a deeper appreciation of those local farmers who bring us our food. I had not realized that Cowgirl Creamery was founded by Sue Conley, the co-owner and founder of one of my favorite spots, Bette's Oceanview Diner in Berkeley. Oddly, I have never had her world-famous pancakes. Next time! Sue Conley founded Cowgirl Creamery with her friend Peggy Smith, a chef at Chez Panisse for 17 years. Jane and I bought a cheese at Tomales Bay Foods that contains a section of morning milk, and a section of evening milk. Wow!! Life continues to astonish me with how wondrous it is.

I had thought I would go up to the Tomales Bakery for a chocolate croissant but I am happily ensconced and working here.

When one is given such silence and serenity, it seems not possible to leave, though eventually today I will. I have until 1:00, and then, a beautiful drive home with a lovely choice of routes. May your day route in all the directions you choose.
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Pelican -

As I prepare to leave this gift of a place, one pelican flies by. I have seen two boats of kayakers, and one motorboat. All is quiet in the myriad shades of gray. I give thanks for the Poet's Loft, and, each day.