October 21st, 2006

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Good Morning!!

I just typed in a long, long message to you telling you and myself of the wonderful day yesterday and then, the Hilton site went down for renewal and I lost it all.  Ack!   I'm heading out for breakfast, and I will return, marvelous as this all is.

Oh, I just must quickly say the dolphins were unbelievable.   Steve and I held Eva, mother of a little one, who was also in the lagoon with us.  She kept having to check her little one out.   She nurses down by her genitals and we saw the swelling in the pouch.  We kissed Eva, and played with Kona, and we and the dolphins performed tricks.  It is quite something.

I learned that nylon fishing line takes one million years to break down.  Can you believe that?   I knew that styrofoam never breaks down, but I was the only one.  It breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces which chokes the little guys on the low end of the food chain, and then, they are eaten, and so, it goes.  Styrofoam is a very bad thing as we know.

Ironman is today, and that is why all the vigorous road repairing activity.  I had been shocked thinking it was a regular thing, but, now know,  it is normally just like home  The activity was for Ironman.  We are advised not to leave today and we won't.  It wasn't much of a sacrifice yesterday.

We had dinner in a Japanese restaurant,  open to a beautiful garden.  I felt I was there, though Steve, who has been there, didn't feel it was quite there, and it was beautiful and incredible.

I spent a great deal of time yesterday watching the clouds and the families.  How delightful it is to see the children, parents, and grandparents.  I truly felt how I am each one, and all. 

We are heading now to Buddha Point  to savor the ocean, morning, coffee and a goodie.   A joyful day to All!
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Caught on feathered leaves and trunks -

I bring our coffee back to the room, and we sit entranced, with the landscaping.  The landscape architect was a genius.   The palm leaves stand like feathers in the sky, or the open hands of hawks, and plants and ferns are at our feet.   Three grouse peck around, and one trunk is a goddess with uplifted arms.  We look out on another rainbow.  We sit there and I think of the guidebook and realize it is going back into the suitcase.  I know there is history here, and there are things to see, and I am entranced with the clouds, the trunks, the leaves.  This place is designed so that every spot has something you could probably spend a lifetime with.  Right now, I am with the a trunk with visible rings and our goddess trunk and the straight ones of palms.

Yesterday we learned that  you can tell the age of a dolphin by the rings in their teeth.  They grow rings, like trees.

The sounds here are amazing.  I feel like I am in a recording, and it is natural.  All opens to the outdoors, and the temperature feels just perfect to me.  We are moving into the realm of being.  It seems Hawaii is singing its song to us - aloha - rest - peace - ease -

The ocean waves have gotten bigger each day.   Yesterday we explored tide pools though they don't hold much life.  A few crabs are the motion, other than the waves.  Now, I know that what I thought were white stones are coral.  When I walked on the hard coral which I guess is dead coral, I felt like I was walking on the brains of a person with Alzheimer's.  The shape is of the brain but it is hard.  It is amazing to hold, since it feels like holding a brain.  My own brain responded, and said, I am alive, pulsing, pink.
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Hawaii -

We visited the wonderfully serene Buddha on Buddha Point, then, walked along the coast on lava rock.  Wow!   The waves break and burst like fireworks.  They fall slowly back to the water.   They seem to me to flow more slowly down than I have seen before.   It is like they are caught on the "ha" of aloha.  

We hung out in a double hammock for awhile with a view of the ocean, and this amazing sky.   Life is really rough here.

We then indulged in a full buffet breakfast.  I finally found a corn beef hash that equals what my mother served.  I am almost sure it is Libby's corn beef hash from the can.   Salmon for breakfast works for me.   They have Japanese and American breakfasts as part of the buffet.

They don't have a book store, but they do have a lending library, so we are soon headed there.  As I type, Steve is reading me sections from the book The End of Faith by Sam Harris.  It is a must-read.

Okay, it is his turn for the computer.  He has been patiently waiting.   Jeff and Jan came to Hawaii without a computer and had to call me for advice so I could check on-line.   Some of us are a bit dependent on our little silicon friends.

I saw a Zits cartoon this week.  The teen-ager calls his mother from the library to ask her to look up on the internet the definition of a word.  

We live in the best of worlds, except for this oddly distorted image, by some, like our president, of faith.

May you each find a place to pray and worship today that suits your mood and needs, and doesn't adversely affect anyone else.   May this be so for us all, and may be able to look at the antics of our supposed president and see them for what they are - a way to harm and manipulate.  
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Checking in -

It is SO relaxing here.  I am warm lava flowing into the sea.   It turns out they don't really have any books to loan out, which is probably fine, because I have barely read at all.  They looked at me like I was nuts when I asked, and pulled out a dilapidated list of about 30 out-dated books, half of which were for children, and the rest of which may not exist outside the list.  Steve is the one zooming through books, and I brought enough books for us both.   We just ate, again, so my tummy is very full.   We enjoyed a relaxing swim and our cabana, and now, may be siesta time, though, once again, I am setting intention to read.   We still continue on SF time, and that is fine here.  Everything is fine here.  I am quite pleased!

I am also looking forward to Thanksgiving and how different it will be this year  I am ready to bake pies, and not go to a restaurant, where I need to keep an eye on the bathroom door.  The Mountain Home Inn was lovely last year, and it wasn't home.  I like home, and health. 

Steve and I talked about how this year has been for him.   Rough, he says.  He couldn't read about it, and worked hard to make it through.  When he heard about the one treatment, AC, which was pushed into my veins because if it hit my skin, I would need a skin draft, well, that was not easy for him to hear.   This has been a hard year on my whole family  I want to acknowledge that, over and over again.  And my friends.  

Steve and I have never traveled together like this, where we stay in one place for seven nights and we are enjoying it.  We are healing, and thrilled with out special place.  

I hope the same is true of you.  It seems the weather of the bay area is as perfect as can be.   May enjoyment spin ribbons of contentment around the world.
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A note on postings -

The time shown is the bay area time, so it is actually 3:53 here, not 6:43.   As I say, Steve and I are, in many ways, on bay area time, and, in truth, the sun is still playing with the sky.