October 23rd, 2006

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Checking in as wind and wave -

Well, I am sinking into the sand here.  I can't believe we only have one more day.  Perhaps that makes the time more precious.  Today is my birthday, so we are taking it even easier than before.  We walked to breakfast, and, then, went down the waterslide a bunch of times, and played in the waterfall.  I see that the perceived artificiality of this place is like my wig.   There is a place for supplementation.   We walked on the lava along the coast to a beach south of here, and swam there, and then, came back and had lunch and I swam some more.  I am getting my allotment of swimming today as soon it will end.   We are going to the "most romantic restaurant in the Hawaiian Islands" tonight for my birthday.   Since it is about 20 steps from our front door, I am thinking we should take the boat the opposite way and then come back so it seems like a bit of a journey.   I like it here.  The decisions are not too tough.

I am reading The Architecture of Happiness by Alain de Botton.  I heard him interviewed twice, and so knew it was a message to get the book, and I am pleased.  I recommend it.   Architecture does not determine happiness, and it is fascinating.  We do feel the architects did a great job with this place.

Last night I walked around among the torches, and strolled up to see the Buddha at Buddha Point.  There was a big party going on over that way, but I did not expect a bar to be set up right next to the Buddha with little tables all around.   The conversation was of the World Series and football games.  Meanwhile, the Buddha looked serene, and I sat like a spoon in a cereal bowl beneath the stars.  Wow!!   They are unbelievable here, and it is so lovely to be out with bare legs, feet, and arms.  Wow!!   I do wonder though about the Buddha as a hood ornament for a bar.  I know the Buddha is about non-judgment, and, so I am trying to stay open around it all, and dwell like a lily among the softness here.

Flowers bloom.   The sea is calm today, as is the wind.  I am embraced and embrace.

I hope you are the same.