November 5th, 2006

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Good Morning!!

The fog is firmly in, so I feel gently tucked this morning by mother fog.   The gathering yesterday was of 11 wonderful people, wanting to integrate "being" and "sensing" more firmly into their lives.  It works for me.  We have committed to a three month study, and will have a Yahoo discussion group to report on our progress and suggest new ways to explore.  I sit with it this morning, knowing that last year, I was "forced" in some way into being.  I had the energy for nothing more, and this morning, I feel a rounded focus in myself.  I am grateful for this step and the opportunity to work with these people.

We worked in Lee's home, and she has two artist's proofs on her walls, gifts from Mayumi Oda, for their wedding in 1981.   That seems prophetic on the book, and Jane has found an editor for us, a woman who went through the same sequence of breast cancer I did, only ten years ago.  She is delighted to have this chance to work with her own healing through the book, and since she is a big part of our target audience, we feel we have found the woman who can help us know if how we have chosen to put this together, and what we have chosen, works, so you can see that I am quite the contented bird in my nest today.  I am happy to incubate my eggs, happy to have eggs to incubate.  

May this Sunday fulfill our heart's desires, and touch other hearts as it does.
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Smoking -

When we were in Hawaii, I noticed that most people who came out on the balcony to savor the view, were doing it because they were smoking.   Yesterday, I was sitting outside overlooking the world at Lee's and I heard a door open, and someone came outside to smoke.  Maybe I am just noticing it that way but it seems odd to me that inhaling something into the lungs, also, brings one outside into a wider, more beautiful  world.  Of course, smokers often huddle like pariahs, by doors, and yet, they are getting more fresh air, even as they need it.  Anyway, it is an odd paradox to me.  I read somewhere that smoking dries up the moisture in the lungs, the grief.   Certainly reading the news and living life, one can feel horrifying mounds of grief.

May we all be, and continue, well, and may we enjoy inside and out, as much as possible.  
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Book Review!!

Book Review:


When I read of the Cloud Appreciation Society, and Gavin Pretor-Pinney’s book The Cloudspotter’s Guide, The Science, History, and Culture of Clouds, I wanted to read it.  Then, I found out if I reviewed the book on my blog, I could have a free copy.  Who could resist?  I would have bought it, and now, I encourage you to do so.


When it arrived, I was surprised, because though it is not billed as such, I was expecting a large, loose, flowing book with pictures and space.  This book is compact, dense with information, and fascinating.  Everything is here, literature, poetry, anecdotes, facts, history, explanation, and humor.  The author loves clouds, and I do, too, and I am now looking at them differently, and more completely.   I see how blessed I am to live where there is tremendous variety in clouds and fog, and yesterday, I saw fog created, new, like volcano steam.  I’m not sure I would have observed the formation so closely, if I wasn’t immersed in new ways of viewing clouds. 


I see now that the book is compact to fit into a backpack or knapsack.  There is more information than I can remember, and I am content to carry it with me, and open it, when the mood invites,  to see where I am taken.   Like now, I open to “ALTOCUMULUS, The layers of bread rolls in the sky.”   Who could resist a chapter title like that?  I’m salivating already. 


Gavin says that the best way to find shapes in clouds is “to look up, empty your mind, and let them find you.”   This book is an invitation.  Enter, find, and be found.


Check out and join the club, with Gavin’s book as guide.

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Book Review -

    Steve thinks my book review `of The Cloudspotter's Guide by Gavin Pretor-Pinney should be more "literary and less chatty."   The odd thing is that I was responding to my perception of the style of the book.  Gavin gives facts and information,  and also, a strong sense of his personal curiosity.  He is a  man in love with the essence, construction, and progression of life and clouds.  He is a chatty guy.

    The book ends with a description of the sky by Ralph Waldo Emerson, who describes the sky as "the daily bread of the eyes .... the ultimate art gallery above." 

    Many people don't eat bread daily today because they are on the latest high protein diet fad, but I think it is important to allow yourself some time to lay down in this book  as though it were a hammock, a place to view the clouds.   Despite all the science and wisdom, and it is chock full of it,  it is a playful book, a conversation with a friend.  

    Now, you can read the book, or not, but, I think what Gavin and I would both like to see is that you go out and bounce the clouds with your mind and your thoughts.

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Evening -

There is an article in the SF Chronicle today on a woman blogging from Iraq.  She began August 17, 2003, a little more than four months after Baghdad was occupied by American troops.   You can read her today at

She sees the end of Hussein's trial as coinciding coincidently with the American elections.  Ironically, when I read of Hussein's sentence, I see how equal justice would have George W. Bush in the same spot.  How are they different?   People have been tortured and killed for their own personal gain and the detriment of their own country.   How sad it seems. 

And the moon is full tonight, and glorious to watch and behold.   The tides were high, and again, I laugh at flooding around here with a full moon, even with clear, sunny skies.  The day was glorious, and I walked around my neighborhood and yard, savoring the feel of fall.