December 4th, 2006

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Good Morning -

This morning I read a discussion of what to call wild salmon.  The editorial suggests that to label them "organic" is demeaning to the wondrous life they lead, and that we need more labels and education around our food.  I understand what he is saying.  Am I organic?   I ingest many chemicals in the course of my day as does the salmon who can't escape the pollution of our oceans, and yet, yes, how do we describe what we ingest when we have a "real" life, and are not a slug in a cage.

It is intriguing for each one of us to sit with the energy of our movements and how pure.

Elaine led a group of people this weekend in what she sensed was Sensory Awareness based on her discussions with me and what is on the blog.  It sounds like she led a wonderful experience, and that is sensing.  She sensed what was needed, what she needed and what the group needed, and led them in an exploration.   That is living.  She is the salmon, exulting in the sea.
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Compassion -

I think of compassion - with passion - of how we live our days - the possibility of that, and I feel the air sweep across my skin,  as though I am a bird, or a fish in the sea.

"When we focus on clarifying what is being observed, felt, and needed rather than on diagnosing and judging, we discover the depth of our own compassion."

- Marshall B. Rosenberg

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Honoring the Gifted Life -

I am reading a book by Ammemarie Roeper, mother of Karen Roeper, whom many of you know.  Annemarie's book is titled The "I" of the Beholder: A Guided Journey to the Essence of a Child.   Again, as many of you know,  Karen's work is titled "Eyes of the Beholder."   What is it about this beholder that is so intriguing?   Well, I have been working with this work for years now and I find it a delightful journey, and wonderful play.  

Annemarie has lived her whole life in the world of education as it was meant to me.  She grew up in her parent's school which was oriented to the full developing and allowing of the child.  She was exposed to Freud in the womb.  She and her family had to flee Europe because of Hitler and Nazi Germany.  They came to this country and founded schools.  Annemarie was born in 1918.  She gives us her bountiful wisdom in this book.  Though it is "billed" as for gifted educators and parents and gifted children, I don't see it that way.  I think it is a book for each of us to read and treat every child we meet, every person we meet, in a more whole and true way.  I recommend this book, a look into  a marvelous woman who continues to search and explore.  Again, she is sensing her way with her words.  She wants to understand herself, and us, and through, her words, we move and feel.  Her intensity moves through us, her love.  

Also, Annemarie has participated in Karen's work, and I find the work of these two women intertwined here.  It is a wonder to me.  I love both these women, and am grateful to know them in so many ways.   I did not find Annemarie's book on Amazon.  I ordered it from   I think it is an essential book for every new parent to read, and for each one of us to read, as we parents ourselves and others every day.  I have not yet completed the book.  I am savoring my change.  

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Advent - Arrive -

I find myself today caught on advent, arrival, going within, and the sound of the light as it tips toward even more darkness, even as it prepares for its return to light.

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with my to-do list, when I returned to two Christmas cards, and six poinsettia plants left by the man who designed the landscaping for a section of our yard.  I also see that weeds are pulled and plants trimmed.  This is a gift I want to sit and honor, as well, as enjoying the notes with the Christmas cards.  I pause for lunch and pick up the book Silence by Robert Sardello and hold it in my hand. 

       I notice.   Silence.  

This morning, I was working with words, and how they form and what they form.  What is sound?   How do I feel it, taste, see, smell, and hear?   So, now I am with Silence, and the day is quiet.   I listen.   I don't hear plants growing.  They are aglow in the sun, and I have some roses in bloom, and pyracantha berries getting ready for the robins, but even the plants are silent today, as are the kitties.   They explored the box the poinsettias came in, and loved the little windows, and now, they, too, pause to rest.  

    Goethe -

       To find yourself in the infinite,
       You must distinguish and then unite.

        Krishnamurti -

          "This quietness, this silence is the highest form of intelligence which is never personal, never yours or mine.  Being anonymous, it is whole and immaculate."

                Rumi -

         "Sit quietly, and listen for a voice that will say, Be more silent."

Here we are with new days, busier than before.   Our days were full, and now, this time of year, there is so much more. 

May we each dip, like a candle into wax,  into silence, as to trust.  

Let's keep our wicks strong and well-lit, and let them die down,  before we must.