December 6th, 2006

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Good Morning -

I wake today, feeling quite bright as I wait for the outside light.  It is too cold even for the kitties to go out on the deck.  They would be happy to still be snuggled in bed. 

Today is predicted to be sunny and clear, and today is my solstice celebration with friends, and yes, it is a wee bit early, but not too early.   We will go to Muir Woods and see if the salmon are there.  If they are not,  we will wish them good journey and invite them to come up the creek and breed.   I am enchanted with the winter light, and the window of the moon in dark.
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hair -

I just realized that my hair began falling softly out a year ago, and then, tomorrow, December 7th, it all came out in clumps.  I went from a cute haircut that all admired to no hair at all.  It was bizarre.  I feel happy today, healed and I know I may still go back and forth, but this morning I feel happy and healed as can be.  I saw Elaine yesterday, who had the brain surgery a year ago, and she, too, looks radiant, happy, healed.  It is amazing what each year brings.

May this new year be soft with light, just tempered enough to tap us all awake.  Now and now and now!

Thich Nhat Hanh uses the telephone as a mindfulness bell.  It rings.  He breathes three full breaths before answering.

This may be a busy time of year.  Create your own mindfulness bell.   Tap a ring within.  Pause.  Breathe three conscious breaths, and on your way you go,  a cheerio with wings.