December 27th, 2006

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today -

What an invigorating day it has been. We again lost power, and so are now back in business, but I must say that it is quite lovely at times without it. I see so much better in candle and firelight, and I headed out for a walk to the marsh this morning, and loved hearing the wind and checking out the damage. I have now picked up most of the fallen branches, and am sitting with how alive the air feels when the wind is blowing through. I feel like the New Year is HERE!!

            Here is a quote for today.

    What is to give light must endure burning

                    Victor Frankl
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Lullaby Accordian Time -

Last year, Jane called this lull between Christmas and New Years, a Lullaby.

I called it, Accordian Time.  I felt like I was a slinky, jumping up and down stairs, encircling slinky curls and folds in joy. 

This year this week feels like a peaceful time, a time where dormancy wraps potential in spirals readying themselves to emerge from the earth.  Jane and I can't escape the book now.  It is beginning to evolve on its own, and we are trying to hold our own with it, to evolve in some way of companionship.  As it takes on a life of its own, we do the same.

We are both with the book in this lullaby week,  accordian time.

May you, too, be planting seeds for your dreams, and may they take off with the cheerful winks of the sun.  

The wind is still blowing, and the sun is out, shining on all that's done.