December 29th, 2006

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Good Morning!!

It is still dark and cold.  The heater is running.   The kitties did venture out for their morning elimination, but not too happily.  I will head out for a walk soon.   Last night, I noticed the light already seemed tilted toward spring.  There was something different in how the empy branches held it, but this morning feels like winter.

Last year, Jane wrote of the New Year's light as Young Light.  I like the idea of it and am feeling ready to enter this new year.  2007!   Who could have imagined it?

I am with the words from the book Silence, "I enter the silence."   He suggests saying the words and noticing the phrasing.

            I    enter     the    silence.

                      I enter      the     silence.

                                I     enter     the silence.

Happy Entry into Silence Today!   Step gently there, and Play!!
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Such a Day!

I walked down to the marsh and saw a Black-Crowned Night Heron, and numerous egrets, willets, avocets, killdeer and ducks.   The tide was blocking some of the path, so  I meandered back and decided to tackle our road.  I went up with a shovel, trying to provide some direction to the stream of  water from above.  Then, I felt guided to prune and work around our "healing bench" and down around the lower yard.  Four deer observed and nibbled. 

For the solstice, Joyce and Terry each gave me a beautiful rock.  I have been looking for a place to put them.  Today, they spoke.  One is now on one side of the entry to the driveway and the other on the other side.  They need a great deal of space to radiate and welcome energy and joy to our yard.  Each has its own stump.   All this, and there is still more to uncover in this delightful end-of-the-year day!!
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Evening -

I am sad to learn that Saddam Hussein has been executed.  I don't believe we have the right to judge another in such a way as to justify ending their life.    I find it sad.

Jacki sends this poem.


Love the winter,

when the plant says nothing.

In this mystic season, I want to

remember to unplug the flashing

lights and sip the long evenings,

to breathe in the moon,

dance in the dark,

to love this winter nothing.

~Thomas Merton

This poem fits how I feel these days, the wrapping up of 2006, and preparing a place for 2007.
The days feel blessed to me.
                         I love the feel of these shortened days as they begin to stretch and reach for what is new to be.
                                  It is a time to set intention and plant with integrity and care. 

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Pema Chodrun -

When we touch the center of our sorrow, when we sit with discomfort without trying to fix it, when we stay present to the pain of disapproval or betrayal and let it soften us, these are the times we connect with bodhichitta.

Tapping into that shaky and tender place has a transformative effect. Being in this place may feel uncertain and edgy, but its also a big relief. Just to stay there, even for a moment, feels like a genuine act of kindness to ourselves. Being compassionate enough to accommodate our own fears takes courage, of course, and it definitely feels counterintuitive. But it’s what we need to do.

... Sometimes the completely open heart and mind of bodhichitta is called the soft spot, a place as vulnerable and tender as an open wound. It is equated, in part, with our ability to love.

Pema Chodron, from The Places that Scare You, A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times.