December 31st, 2006

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Happy New Year's Eve!!

I love this day, New Year's Eve.   There is such a sense of newness in the light.  It is gray outside, and possible rain is predicted, and it all seems so exciting to me.   It does show how we project on the world.  We say this day is special.  We notice the light.   The trees probably greet each day this way.  Every day they thrust themselves into the sky with open hands and feel what is there to touch.   We seem to need to create special days, ritual days to remind us of how much there is to love.  We are not trees.   I did read an article yesterday that said in the 21st century, we will become less mobile.  We cannot continue to pollute as we have been doing and the individual car as we know it will become obsolete.   It is interesting to consider.  My father loved to load us in the car and we would head out for a ride.  We loved it.  Now, because of traffic, I time my driving for certain times and wonder why we need high-speed cars,  when my drive often consists of shifting between first and second gear.  

Anyway, the day is ahead of us, a day to weave and unweave the magic in the light.

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Wonders -

As I read the wonders of what my friends and family have been doing, I realize I have barely been in a car.  I feel like a snowflake, peering under each of its many arms.  I am trying to create the person who can finish this book, who can reveal a little more.  I saw this last year as "My Journey to Becoming a Community," and that was really fun, and I see that there is more to uncover and reveal.

Today, is the day I put out my new calendars.   For my hanging one this year, I chose Waterfalls.  It feels symbolic and enlivening to me.  Perhaps, I will see how many waterfalls I can visit this year.   I see now I had a December waterfall from Glacier National Park.   January is Minnehaha Falls in Georgia. 

My other calendar, the one I really use, is The Group of Seven,  beautiful artwork from the McMichael Canadian Art Collection,  which is housed in The Gallery among one hundred acres of rolling, forested hills.   I found it in the wonderful Architecture book store on Fourth Street in Berkeley.  The store opens at 8, a lovely time to browse.

Paul Theroux wrote in the New York Times today about the 300 million people in this country and the masses of people around the world.  He suggests that with courtesy we can live in this overcrowded world, and he laments as I do the loss of those car rides of the past where you drove down your own long dark tunnel.  I hear that Interstate 5 is  packed both day and night.  I remember drives of the past where I was the only car, and drove in the celebration and exhilaration of  being alone.   It seems those days are passing, and we must search out solitude, as it is less likely to be presented to us.    

Happy exploring of the intricacies of this day, the nooks, crannies, and intersections, where all is love, life, and play.
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This day -

I pack away the Christmas decorations, though I do leave out some red candles, and a pine cone candle, and my believed crystal tree holder.  I can't put everything away.  If it weren't for the New Year, I suppose everything would just accumulate, but this way there is a conscious change.  The egg nog mugs and bowl go back into the closet, along with the Christmas plates, mugs, and napkins.   I choose a new Burgundy tablecloth for the richness of New Year's Eve.

I am also watering and fertilizing my indoor and some outdoor plants.  We prepare for nurturance and birth.

This day - Holiness sprinkles through the air  - I can't see the stars through the gray and I know they are there.  

Jeff and Jan gave me solar powered pagoda lights for Christmas.   We planted them today, and I placed one next to deer poop.  I am hoping the eerie light will scare the deer away from eating my Bay trees.   There are three trees, and two keep trying, though they are sadly nibbled. 

 May we all reach with all our leaves this year no matter how many deer think we are the best of food.

Tonight we burn our Yule Log!    Hooray!   It heralds the beginning of the New Year!!!

Happy New Year to All!!