January 11th, 2007

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Good Morning!!

The day is clear and cold, the moon a gift in the sky.   I left the water running a bit so the pipes didn't freeze, and the water heater is doing its job, and the kittens are staying cuddled on blankets, so all is warm and cozy here.   What a day to venture out and again have the joy of blood drawn.  I've ransacked the house for my gloves of which I have many and located only one pair, but I'm dressed and scarved in wool, and ready to greet the medical world again.  I see the surgeon today so am hoping to breeze on through.

I am surprised to see how few people are signed up for the peace rallies this evening.  Maybe people are planning just to show up.  We'll see.  The arrogance of Bush continues to amaze me.   He does not seem to hear or understand.  It is baffling, and is not putting a pall on my day.  I'm frisky as a kitten and exuberant as a winter storm sea.
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William Stafford -

I certainly am not comparing our weather to that of the weather in other places, but it is cold to us, and if there was moisture from the sky, it would snow at sea level, an exciting big deal for us.

I give you William Stafford.from Nebraska a few years ago.

january 9

Clear and still.

Ten below zero at dawn, and the sky
like the skin of a pearl,
nobody warming the pearl in his hand
but leaving it spin on the black glass table
with all of us inside,
right down to me here at my window,
warming my hands on a cup,
right down to a goldfinch, green and gray,
no bigger than a breath,
picking a single thistle seed from the feeder,
right down to a thistle seed.

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Clarity -

I see it is important to look around for the person who draws your blood.  I went to a cheery place today and it was easily done.  My surgeon is pleased with my healing, though I am still swollen.   For that to go down will take a couple of years.   I'm okay with that.  I appreciate the reassurance that I am fine and all is well.

I have been watering outside trying to prepare all the plants for the cold again tonight.  It is so wonderfully crisp and clear.  I love this winter light and am in delight!!

And now to wiggle worms inside as I compost the soil of the book.