January 16th, 2007

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Good Morning!!

I think I need a longer snooze and I am again over to the East Bay.  I suppose I am truly feeling what this last year has taken out of me and I'm sure that is a good thing and there is a sadness and that is okay.

Off I go, though I hear there is an accident on 880 - a spill of a truckload of fructose which has closed two lanes, and all trucks are being directed to use 580, so it should be an interesting trip.   Yesterday, the noxious smell and today this.  I like my side of the bay and look forward to the facilities going in at Fort Baker which perhaps will bring more of what I like here than there.   : )

Happy Day!
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The Sunset!!

I hope you are looking outside tonight or are outside to see this incredible sunset.  From where I sit, it is a huge rose-pink heart in the sky.  Wow!!

It has been quite a day, and I am sitting softly simmering in it.   I came home to a darling pink rubber ducky with a hat with a breast cancer ribbon on it from Sue, Steve's sister, and a Bush doll for the Kitties to chew on from my brother, Jan, and Katy.  I like presents, especially toys.  The Bush doll comes with a card with pictures of Bush and a chimpanzee next to him.  Bush and the chimp look exactly the same in eight different poses.  It is amazing.  The greeting is "Evolution or Intelligent Design?   You decide."
I feel quite refreshed this evening, which is remarkable since I left here tired, and felt tired throughout much of the day, and yet, in this moment, all feels okay.   I don't have to work at being "perfect."  Perfection is static and makes no sense and I know that, and maybe I needed another round of it percolating through.  It does amaze.

Great love and peace to YOU!
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a snippet -

Here is a piece of a William Carlos Williams poem.

    "Waken! my people, to the boughs green
    With ripening fruit within you!
    Waken to the myriad cinquefoil
    In the waving grass of your minds!
    Waken to the silent phoebe nest
    Under the eaves of your spirit!"

I drank two glasses of fresh orange juice today.  It is devastating to learn of the damage these many days of below freezing temperatures have done to the citrus crop in California.  It makes me hungry for that bright orange juice which will now go up in price.  A few years ago I attended the Ecofarm Conference and visited many farms.  It is a wonderful way to understand the life of the farmer and how much was lost and why the cost must go up, and so it is.   

Happy cozy January night!!   I'm glad to see the clouds come and I hope we get rain tomorrow!!

I heard an interview today while driving.  It was with Native American children who leave the reservation to go to school.   They talked about how hard it is to leave the silence of home, and of how their umbilical cords are buried in the land when they are born, so they will always feel that tie to home.   What stays with me is their comments on how Americans are always talking, are uncomfortable with silence.  May you find silence in yourself tonight.
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Reviving -

William Carlos Williams wrote this poem to his mother when she was 73.    It worked as a prescription to renewal.  Drop into nature.  His mother lived to 102.

 I give you the poem so we all can renew.

To Waken An Old Lady

Old age is
a flight of small
cheeping birds
bare trees
above a snow glaze.
Gaining and failing
they are buffeted
by a dark wind -
But what?
On harsh weedstalks
the flock has rested,
the snow
is covered with broken
and the wind tempered
by a shrill
piping of plenty.