January 20th, 2007

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Good Morning!!

The sun lit the Coral Bark Maple this morning in the most enchanting way.  I realize if all four Maples were coral, it would diminish the beauty of the one.  It is quite a torch of light. 

I am reading David Nasaw's biography of Andrew Carnegie.  It is a fascinating study and more honest than what Carnegie wrote about himself.  He was a man with incredible energy and an ability to self-promote.  I am really enjoying the book.   It certainly is an ad for free libraries.

I come across these words this morning.

            "I wish Pooh were here. It’s so much more friendly with two."

                                    -- Piglet (A.A. Milne

I smile as I think it is friendly both ways.  I love my solitude and I love pairing and groups.

Andrew Carnegie staunchly defended America and what it stood for.  His allegiance was here and not to his native Scotland. 

He strongly defended the U.S. not entering the Crimean War as Britian had, and  wrote that "America's position in world affairs was guided by George Washington's admonition, "Friendship with all, entangling alliances with none."    Hmmmm!

Step lightly in, with, and on this day.

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Speaking of libraries -

Presidential libraries need to be up-to-date and accurate.  The museum in the Reagan Library does not mention the Iran-Contra scandal.

Can you imagine what Bush's legacy will be if there is not some oversight?     Let's set intention for accuracy with our libraries and not white-washing, amnesia,  and spin.