February 3rd, 2007

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Good Morning!!

If you want to see something amazing, check out this web-site.   Wow!!


We are enjoying a relaxing morning and soon I will talk with and work with Jane.   We have reached a new place in ourselves which allows us to approach the book differently.  Before there were three parts.  Now, there will be four as we each uncover what this experience means to us now.

My book group has been feeling a bit sad that one member will be moving to Oregon in June, but now I learn that thanks to modern technology and the web-cam, she can attend our meetings wherever she is.   One of my all-time favorite books is Clifford Simak's book "City."  In that, everything in the home is at hand.  I see that coming.   Virtual Reality Ho!!

A beautiful day to All!!
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Accepting all aspects of life -

Here is Stephen Mitchell's translation of the words on anguish.   The words may be slightly different, but the meaning is the same.  Savor all!

Tenth Elegy  (first stanza)

Rainer Maria Rilke (as translated by Stephen Mitchell)

Someday, emerging at last from the violent insight,
let me sing out jubilation and praise to assenting angels.
Let not even one of the clearly-struck hammers of my heart
fail to sound because of a slack, a doubtful,
or a broken string. Let my joyfully streaming face
make me more radiant; let my hidden weeping arise
and blossom. How dear you will be to me then, you nights
of anguish. Why didn’t I kneel more deeply to accept you,
inconsolable sisters, and surrendering, lose myself
in your loosened hair. How we squander our hours of pain.
How we gaze beyond them in bitter duration
to see if they have an end. Though they are really
our winter-enduring foliage, our dark evergreen,
one season in our inner year--,not only a season
in time--, but are place and settlelment, foundation and soil and home.