February 13th, 2007

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Good Morning!!

I wake early, light a candle and meditate.  I am always amazed at the light one candle can give, the mobility and grace.  I bought a mobile of hearts recently and hung it over my desk.  The candle light makes heart shadows on the ceiling.  I am entranced with all there is with which to play.


"The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves."

- Carl Jung

I am this morning with the pain I was feeling in my core yesterday, the ache and bruising and how today it feels like a star.  I feel a star bursting forth from the center of my being, there by my heart, and my throat feels like the rippling throat of a songbird.  I want to sing, to soar.   I am with non-attachment.   You know what the book means to me and yet I can't seem to work on it right now, though I will speak to Jane soon and I guess I will be working on it, but I have made an altar for it, and it rests on an antique table that was my grandmother's.  I brought the table upstairs and covered it with a cloth and placed it with care.  I set treasures atop the papers that are the book as it is now, and it marinates waiting for me to be able to again take it in.
Today is an East Bay day and I feel up for that.  I feel a wiggle in my fin.

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Live Journal has gotten fancy.  I come to post and there is a pink heading for Valentine's Day.  How fun!!  I don't know if you see it also but I am enjoying it.  I am also wearing a necklace of hearts sent to me by my niece Katy.  The hearts blink so I am quite fancy and prepared for Valentine's Day.

Here is something to watch to help you feel how smart you are since you know how to do this without calling for help.


Have fun and think red and pink!!   Happy Heart Day Eve!!
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Only me -

I see that it is a special page for posting, and you only get the dullness of my blog.  If I were clever, I could probably do something fancy for Valentine's Day, but I probably won't do anything but post in red or pink.   

Since I can't give you a heart, I send hugs and kisses and hope you have some chocolate in your mouth, and scented flowers nearby!!

Imagination Ho!!