February 28th, 2007

Book Cover

Good Morning!!

I have been working on "the book" since 5:00.  I realize it is no longer "my" book, or Jane's book, or "our" book.  It just is and it asks for attention at different times and then unfolds a little more.  It has its own agenda and sometimes it coincides with mine and/or Jane's.  The balance is lovely to tap and let go.

I see some clouds are moving in on the blue sky.  Yesterday was quite exciting as to hail and rain, so I am enthused to see what today brings.

I just received an email notice of an upcoming retreat for women breast cancer "survivors."  I consider on it.  I'm not sure.  I think the Rosen movement is giving me what I need right now.  I am feeling more grounded in my pelvis and lighter on my feet.  Again, I look to feel the balance of what works for me. 

May today fulfill what each of us needs!
Book Cover

A book to read -

Steve's sister sent him Mike Farrell's book, Just Call Me Mike.  I couldn't resist peeking into it and became absorbed.  I recommend it for many reasons, but especially as a reminder of how long this government under Reagan and continuing with Bush has done what most of us cannot morally approve.  It is an important read.