March 11th, 2007

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Sunday Morning!!

It seems the world is still functioning despite the country-imposed shift in time.  I realize what I don't like about it.  Though it is in reality only 8:00, my clock once I set it says 9:00.  I feel like I'm behind and the day has hardly begun.  It does not work well for me, and I will adjust.

I read the morning news.  It seems Walnut Creek is the center of a controversy over wanting to change the name of the Easter Egg hunt to something less "religious."  Other communities have done it without complaint but Walnut Creek is the one sitting  with egg all over its face.  It is amazing because certainly the Easter egg hunt has nothing to do with the resurrection of Jesus, but, then, Santa and his reindeer have nothing to do with the birth of Christ and yet there is a push for Season's Greetings over Merry Christmas.  It is a funny world.

I read an article on black matter, the black areas that we cannot see or sense.  It seems what we see is a small, irrelevant percentage of what exists.  We are surrounded with mystery and holiday traditions began as a way to probe that a bit.  At first we celebrated the perceived movement of the sun around us.  Families slept together in tents, igloos, caves.  Now, I read that modern, affluent homes in the U.S. built with two master bedrooms.  Husbands and wives can't tolerate the ideosyncrasies of the other.  It's a very strange world and one wonders how long it will last, and yet the NY Times asks for the resignation of Gonzales, who along with Bush, has done so much to ignore what this country stands for.   Perhaps things are turning and they are always moving.  Perhaps that is the one constant, change.

Happy Day!   It is a day to be outside and enjoy the spring.  I happily pruned and fertilized yesterday and look forward to more of the same today.  I feel a need to have my hands in the dirt.  Perhaps that is how we cope.  I am wondering now if the Easter egg hunt began when we stopped going out in the morning to gather eggs, or maybe it is the announcement that the chickens are laying again.  I must admit I've already eaten a few chocolate Easter eggs already and it isn't really legal to April 8th.

Enjoy this day, and play, play, play.  We are here to enjoy the dance.
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what began as a joke -

Benjamin Franklin liked to rise at noon and go to bed after midnight.   What began as a joke, it seems, his proposal of daylight savings time, is now taken seriously.   Does it really save energy?   Aren't people up early to prepare for the day with lights on in the early morning hours?   How funny it is to read of a witty proposal by Ben now imposed on us with no relevance to common sense.   The days are getting longer, so why shift the time of day, and we do.   I hope we are all out walking this evening and using no energy and saving fossil and other fuels.  If we truly do that, it is worthwhile.  If on the other hand, we are out driving and shopping, then, I think the goal of our spending more money has been fulfilled and that seems to be what this administration is interested in, rather than saving fuel.  Otherwise the tax laws would not benefit those who buy huge cars rather than small.
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Easter -

Somehow, to me,  it feels like Easter today.  It is spring-like, and the light is soft and bright.   So, as we know Easter is a pre-Christian holiday.  The goddess Eastre was worshipped by the Anglo-Saxons through her earthly symbol the rabbit.   Eggs have been a cultural exchange in spring since it seems almost the beginning of humankind.  The egg symbolizes rebirth and yes I can see how handing someone an egg would fill a reverential spring.  Even peasants could color eggs using vegetable dyes and the wealthy could wrap them in gold.  I will now handle and pass an egg to another in an entirely different way.  We have lost something of appreciation perhaps with the three egg omelet, the angel food cake that uses eight to twelve egg whites and the hollandaise sauce, yellow and buttery with yolks.  I see again how spoiled we have become as to expectation.  It wasn't until we moved here and I learned from my neighbor who had chickens that they don't lay all the time.  We were able to buy beautiful eggs from them in the spring.  It was not a year-round event. 

Imagine the taste of that first egg after a long, cold winter.  When I first encountered fresh basil and made pesto, I couldn't believe the wonder of it.  It was available in August and into September so I would buy basil and make and freeze batches of pesto.  What a treat in winter to drop a pesto cube into a steaming pot of minnestrone.  Now, where I live, fresh basil is available all year.

Anyway, though this posting will show 8:34, it is by the new time 9:34 and so as I say I feel like a lazy bum who is making a late entry into the day.   Curtsy and Bow and enjoy the spring!!  It takes me awhile to change my clocks, and through the day, I will.