March 22nd, 2007

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checking in -

I am at Jeff and Jan's and thoroughly enjoying their new home.  I am tucked into my own room, and we met some neighbors yesterday and that was fun.  I must say that traffic at this end of the bay is equally paused. 

I had my morning check-in call with Jane and we are with the most productive use of our time on Sunday.  There is only so much we can do in our morning phone calls and then there is a place to work physically together on the form and intention of the book.  Sunday is the day.

I am appreciative though that by using my lap-top and cel phone I can work as easily here as at home, and soon, I return.  This was the kittens first overnight by themselves.  Steve is in NY.  They knew I was leaving and followed me around, but I thought they could make it through one night without an adult and they do have each other.  They will be one year old in May.

I am feeling quite chipper this morning and leprechauns are leaping joy in my heart.   I see the value of movement and change in all we do.  I read about Rocky from Utah this morning and his call to people to listen to their own hearts rather than some political form of obedience.  May that be more and more so for us all.

My friend Terry works with the web of life at the soil level.   Celebrate microorganisms today and all they do and inspire.

Celebrate connection between you and me and so much more.