March 30th, 2007

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in your dreams -

If you were to be a character from your dreams, who would you be?

Imagine going to a party as the character.  Imagine each day being the characters in your dreams.

Sleep tight and loose and inbetween!!
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Good Morning!!

I woke this morning and began reading poetry.  I usually delegate it to the end of the day when I am tired.  How refreshing to read the poems as they ought to be read with new young morning light.

Jane and I are in some disagreement on the book so that is interesting to discuss.  We are at a finalizing stage so I suppose we each have attachment to one way or another.  Tis good, I realize, and fun, and the tussle can only lead to a stronger, more vital book.  May this be so!

I am cooking this morning and enjoying making a broth of wine, carrots, celery, onion, garlic, pepper, cloves in which to poach the chicken for the dish I plan to make.  I realize how clearly this dish will never be made again, these carrots, these chickens, this wine.  I used to want a precise recipe, and today I recognize the impossibility of that and even the limitation.  Many good recipes were "accidents."

Also, the ingredients can't be the same each time.   Even two sides of an orange have a different amount of vitamin C, receive differing amounts of light.  We go to a restaurant and want the dish to be exactly the same, but no two vegetables have the same life, no two pieces of a cow.

We were raised to uniformity with the rise of food at the grocery store packaged to look alike.  Today I celebrate diversity and that this moment, this one, will never occur again.  I forget sometimes.  I have been rushing about, but today I sit with just this,  and the joy of smell.  There are wondrous smells outside, and the smell of chicken poaching in wine fills the house.
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Emily Dickinson

"I taste a liquor never brewed"

    Emily Dickinson

    Inebriate of Air - am I -
    And Debauchee of Dew -
    Reeling - thro endless summer days -
    From inns of Molten Blue. 

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City Song -

This is from National Wildlife:

    "The fast pace of city-life affects all urbanites - even the feathered ones.  Dutch researchers Hans Slabbekoorn and Ardie den Boer-Visser of Leiden University studied the songs of the great tit, a forest-dwelling bird that has adapted well to urban life, in the middle of ten major European cities. They compared the songs to those of great tits living in nearby forest sites, and found that the city-dweller's songs were markedly shorter, faster and higher-pitched than those of forest birds.  The difference, Slabbekoorn says, can be explained by the constant low-frequency noise, such as the roar of traffic, with which city birds must compete.

     This adaptability is good news for great tits, but according to Slabbekoorn, birds whose songs do not change will be at a real disadvantage in city settings.  "The same set of urban species becomes more and more common in all cities, he says, " and traffic noise may well play an important role in this loss of diversity."