April 5th, 2007

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Good Morning!

I am sitting differently this morning and noticing that I am more upright than usual and firm, yet, floating on my sit bones.  I have set intention today for clarity, understanding and moving on.   I read these words:

        "Time is not a line, but a series of now points."

                        -- Taisen Deshimaru

Perhaps my intention is to increase the now points today, to expand time.  I am over to the East Bay and looking forward to the drive.
I survived my mammogram last night and when I mentioned I was surprised at the appointment time, they told me they work until 9 PM to fit everyone in.  Some women want a note saying to their husbands or partners that is where they are.  I thought to myself that if there is so little trust in a relationship that a mammogram at night is suspect, then, perhaps the relationship should not exist at all.  Then, I thought of how little the Bush administration trusts other countries and I understood how it could be.   Trust is my word for the day.
May your day be full and rich with "now points.," and may the flag of trust wave over you and others as you luxuriate in the beauty of relationship and play. 

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Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont!

As a reward for the mammogram, I treated myself with time to watch the movie Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont.  I loved the book and the movie is a real treat.  I recommend it.    It is sweet!!   May we all find such joy, poetry, perspective and people in our lives.
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Breast Cancer

When I began this on-line journal on October 27, 2005, the purpose was to keep you informed on my health.  I did not put one of my interests as "breast cancer" because I was not interested in it and I still hadn't accepted that it might be my community.  I am beginning to accept it and so today will add breast cancer to my interests on this site.  Jeff has pointed out this is a way to promote the book and so I should step up to a domaine name and paying live journal for this opportunity.  Up until now this exchange has been free. 

I am one of the slow members of society.  I have taken up the end of the line happily and been content to be omega, but now I hold both beginning and end in my hands like a rope and begin to turn and jump in the circle of myself.
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Making it easier -

I just got two domaine names to make remembering my blog name easier.  I will use one of them.  This one will still work but you can also use www.cathysblog.org starting tomorrow or Saturday.   Cathysblog.com was "parked" and I didn't want to pay for to get it unparked, and I like the org better anyway as it will remind me to stay organized.  I had trouble remembering this address, so the new one should be easier for us all and will come in handy when we're not near bookmarks, favorites, computers and address books.
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Owen & Mzee!

You may remember the photo and story of the young hippo who adopted a 130 year-old tortoise to be his mother when his family was destroyed in the tsunami of December 2004.   Well, what do I see today when I just happen to be in a book store but two beautiful books with the story and photos.  They are books about friendship and absolutely wonderful.  I recommend them for yourself or for gifts.  I had to get one for Katy.  She will love it, and I may enjoy it until it makes its way across the country to her.
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Jane Hirshfield -

This is a "pebble" from Jane Hirshfield's book  After.

    Insomnia, Listening

Three times in one night
       a small animal crosses the length of the ceiling.
       Each time it goes all the way one way,
       all the way back, without hesitation or pause.

       Envy that sureness.

       It is like being cut-flowers, between the field and the vase.

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Prayers for Mimi!

Prayers tonight for Mimi to help ease her way which I am sure will be easy because she is the most wondrous of cats and we must bow our heads and pray for each passing, for the pain of those left behind and for difficulty of transition and loss.