April 28th, 2007

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Good Morning!

It is another gorgeous day.  How spoiled are we!   The birds are singing and chirping away.

I love watching how Tiger and Bella wash each other and curl up together.  I wonder why we lost the habit of licking each other clean.  It is so sweet!

Jeff and Jan, and Chris and Frieda are arriving today at eleven to spend the night, so I am up early and cooking and excited as can be.  We will go up to Napa to a private wine tasting I bought at the Breast Cancer auction last year and then go out to dinner, and then, savor their spending the night.  Hooray!!   Tis a perfect day, and a wonderful weekend in which to perch and sing.

I read that the Critical Mass Bike Ride was peaceful last night.  Hooray for that too!!   We can all get along.

I also see that our governor has satisifed no one with the new prison legislation, and the Bush administration can't change the dolphin-safe tuna laws.  Why would they even want to change them?   Have  they ever seen a video of dolphin caught in the nets?

Anyway, it is a beautiful day to celebrate the wiggling joy of being alive on this beautiful day of spring!!