May 4th, 2007

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Good Morning!!

Again, we were blessed enough to have rain in the night, and it is still softly falling, though I see sun is predicted for tomorrow and further on.  It is probably because I got so chilled yesterday that I packed turtlenecks and wool sweaters for Esalen.  I invited a heat wave.

Gray whales are in Tomales Bay, so if you want to see them up close, head out there now.  They are migrating and I was reading yesterday about their heart-shaped spouts, and here is a chance to see them really close.  Wow!   My day is packed, or I would hop in the car right now.  There is no escape from what needs doing today, and yet whales in Tomales Bay.  Oh, my!

If you want to attract ladybugs to your garden, which, of course, you do, then, plant cilantro, dandelions, dill, fennel and yarrow. 

You can buy them in a packet of Heirloom seeds.   The advantage is you can also eat what you plant, except possibly the yarrow.  That you can use to stop bleeding in wounds.  Nature's band-aid, I believe. 

I am enjoying the sound of the drops of rain, and one chirpy bird, and now, it is time to return to work, where I can still enjoy, and live in the wonder of work as play.

Happy Play Day!

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Hindu India developed a magnificent image
to describe God's relationship with creation.
            God "dances" Creation.
He is the dancer, Creation is his Dance.
The dance is different from the dancer,
yet it has no existence apart from him.
You cannot take it home in a box,
               if it pleases you.
The moment the dancer stops, the dance ceases to be.

    Anthony de Mello, S.J.
The Song of the Bird

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Live the Questions!

I would like to beg of you, dear friend, as well as I can,
    to have patience with everything
       that remains unsolved
          in your heart.
                    Try to live the questions themselves,
    like locked rooms and like books written in a foreign language.

                    Rainer Maria Rilke
                            Letters to a Young Poet

Lately, as I work with the manuscript,  I find myself translating my own words, trying to figure out what I was saying, what I meant, and what I might mean now.  It is interesting.  I don't recognize the words in some way, though I do, and I realized it is odd to realize we are always translating and interpreting, though we may not realize it, and then, there is a place where we are not, and, that, too, is a lovely place to be.

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Release -

In Elaine Mayland's book on Rosen Method, she describes a place in the body low in the torso where the legs and pelvis connect.  She says that is the place where the feelings of deepest fear are often held.  She writes:  "This sort of fear seems to threaten one's very existence, one's very being, and is very deeply and tightly held. When that fear lets go, the struggle is gone from one's life, and the possibility of moving freely with life instead of holding against it becomes available."

Ah, intention!   Awareness!   Space!  Pause!   Letting go!

Most of us live this life with, as Sogyal Rinpoche says, "Glimpse after glimpse."  My intention for this day is to move freely and easily, to glide like a leaf, glowing on the stream that carries me, with love, ease and grace.

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honoring the small in what we do -

"We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big difference, ignore the small daily differences we can make which, over time, add up to big differences that we often cannot foresee."

Marian Wright Edelman

Steve's brother, who has Alzheimer's, is in a wonderful new place.  Steve's sister found it and they have a web-site and tons of photos.  It is like a home;  it is a home with six people and a huge yard and he has gained some weight because they all eat together and they take really good care of him, and Steve spoke to him tonight and he was the most coherent he has been in a long time.  It is heart-breaking though, absolutely heart-breaking.  As long as they stay in the past with what they discuss, all is fine, and so they do, and I give thanks for these people who are taking care of Bob.  They seem to really enjoy it, and it is wonderful to know there are people like this, who make the "small daily differences" that so affect the heart and wholeness of this world.