June 5th, 2007

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Good Morning!!

It is lovely to be back.  I woke thinking of sleep as nectar from the gods.  Somewhere, one time, I read that one should never let themselves have all the sleep that they want, should always stay on the edge of just enough.  I woke thinking of native peoples and of my cats.  My cats nap most of the time and they are alert when they need to be so  Native peoples who lived in areas where food is plentiful also enjoy rest.  I have read that the Aboriginals take a great deal of care with rest and honor dream-time, so I slept in this morning with no guilt, and feel fresh and ready for this beautiful day.

I was piling beautiful stones at one point in my dreams.  What a treat as I love stones!
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Jane's poem of the morning!

After darkness scours you empty, then anything is possible.
The first voice you hear might set your path.
or you might wait for a certain color or something from before
or try your own voice out into the air to see who has come to live here.

    - Jane Flint

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My poem of the morning!!

I am still with sleep as nectar of the gods, and wanting to fully juice and fruit my dreams.

Sleep - Nectar of the Gods


Juice the place where dreams build and stream.


Reach into the dark.

Bring back fruits

stirred to bump and clump,

wake, startle, and settle.


Juice the labyrinth walk.

Arc the neurons of the brain.

String past, present and future,

like a necklace of beads,

dipped in the lake of swans.


Invite creatures from under the bed,

to a table set with cookies and tea.

Play all the parts, the dialogue yours,

a child in the nursery

with dolls and animals,

still made live,

cells sucked and re-tucked,

the shimmer caught,

like a shadow,

in day.

Juice the sacred within.